Need iOS Hard Cash Exclusive Offers

With android users still being able to get cash for playing games in Tapjoy (an option iOS users no longer have with Tapjoy), this is putting iOS users at a disadvantage in being able to purchase boosts with rewarded hard cash. You’ll obviously have people that want to buy hard cash/boosts with real money, but for those players reliant on rewarded hard cash, iOS users are increasingly at a severe disadvantage.


They really do need to give EVERY player the option to play games for cash. It’s absurd that they don’t. I was unaware of this issue until a month or two ago. I always thought everyone was able to play the games for cash. Silly me for assuming anything when it comes to JWA.

We used to have it. Like yourself I did a ton of offers previously to earn hard cash. But last few months we don’t have that option and it sucks for us IOS users.

This is an issue with apple’s policies. JWA has nothing to do with it. I enjoyed the days of having thousands of free cash…

Yeah posting here wont change anything Ludia nor Tapjoy have no control over this.

A good summary of what and why

Ios users have to complain to Apple.