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Need members for a new alliance

Needing active members please for TheIndoRaptorFamily

Are you a 5/4 alliance???

I’m not sure what you are meaning?

Do you get to rank 5 and 4 in alliance missions

We are brand and still trying to get members

I wish you luck but it is very difficult to tempt people to join a new alliance - experienced active players are in high demand by long established alliances as they clear out people who are inactive. How many of you are in this alliance?


If they don’t know what 5/4 means then they obviously are new to the game and don’t get it. But I fully support new alliances with experienced leaders . New players should be applying to other alliances until they are able to lead and know the game.

Sorry that’s my opinion ! Learn the game prior to becoming a leader. I would never have started my alliance if I didn’t think I could lead or manage a team successfully .

There’s too many alliances that are empty and just floating around that need players on their teams ! Even if your newer to the game!

Best of luck but everyone needs to think about the best strategy to becoming a stronger player.

Again not trying to be rude just giving my best opinion . Don’t take it to heart take it to mind!

Dinolord loves all! :innocent:


That was my point but you explained it better … watch, learn and strike out, but you need a few … one man/woman/alien/android may have aspirations but not in current environment … I know :blush:

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