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Need Members for semi-casual clan


EDIT: I have merged over to another clan (FighterZ) so I am no longer looking for members.


Hi I have 5 members in my clan but other than myself… only one member is mostly active.
I want to remain a casual clan and not force everyone to participate in Alpha battles. BUT I do need some active members too.


Hi why don’t your active members join my clan we are 7 active members we don’t force anyone to play and we are fun and friendly we are looking to grow the clan and we can even chat on social media just to get to know who we are clanmates with. Our goal is to make the game fun for everyone so that growing and getting stronger isn’t a tiresome task and rather a fun thing to do together

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the clan name is FighterZ if you’re interested


Thank you for the offer! I will definitely consider merging over. Today my clan got a new member and the Alpha was taken care of thanks to the extra help. If the next few days still seem spotty I will talk to them about merging and send you their username and ID if they want to switch over.


awesome, awaiting your response


Seeing as each new member has become completely inactive and we can’t tackle Alpha it is best for us merge over.

My name and ID: SapphireSheep #6127

Gogo #8820 (this person is very active!)

The next two members may or may not be online enough to join but they might help out too

Splinter7777777 #5920 (their name has seven 7’s)

StruppigSkrill #4737

Thank you again for this! :slight_smile: