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Need More Advise on my Coin Trap base, still in construction

Kindly suggest me how should I continue with my Coin Trap base, this base is still in construction and you can view it in the video link below. Right now, I get around 160k per 10 minutes from the coin trap RTs, and around 20k from other two spares. I am short of coins, so I continue with the Park Oasis with every new coin farmed. If you guys find something wrong, kindly do find out. I am keeping all big farming Dino’s near RTs and others away. I will be unlocking i Rex soon, he will replace tRex in the position.

Thank you.




You seem to be on the correct path for coin generation. As you hatch more creatures and keep adding decorations you will hit a point where coins are generated faster than they can be used.

I don’t think you need any advice, just time to grow your park!

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Hey @TAHER_RASSIWALA It looks like we are on the same part of the game. Cab you send me some pictures of your current lineup?

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Focus on coin traps only if you are going to focus on Common hybrids paddocks maxed or any specific paddocks maxed,otherwise a good park layout is all you need. In case you need any clarification, a Coin trap is lots of decorations stacked around a specific creature to increase the coin production. Park Layout is the layout you use to spread Decorations across the park.


Sure, I will focus more on Park Layout. As I don’t have creatures still worth to be kept on a Coin Trap as you said, I will continue this way!
In future, if I get a worthy one, will surely make a coin trap as you said.
Thank you again, as I have made the layout same as how you showed me earlier!

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@Potato Hey, Thanks for the advice!
Really appreciated!

When I was at your point in the game, but built out/maxed a 30min common hybrid.

I put it in a dedicated coin trap (circled twice in clock towers and third circle of JH statues). It makes about 2million per 30minutes.

Without the clocks towers, you can still get over 1 million coins per 30minutes.

Higher “base” coins production (where you don’t have to collect every 30 minutes) will come with time and more dinos.

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Indominus Coming soon…


@TAHER_RASSIWALA noice :ok_hand:t4:

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Kindly suggest if it can be more better than this… Now I am at 530% on the coin trap!
Non- VIP suggestions please, as I don’t intend to buy the VIP membership ever😁

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Aargh! That one John Hammond out of place…

I think you can replace any John Hammonds with Omega 09 statues that you currently own.

I think you are about as good as you can get less any better boss or special event statues.

He can actually still improve a bit. By offsetting the left and right side. He can squeeze in another two Oasis statues and one JH on the left and right side in the middle. That will mean he would have to switch the 8 Oasis statues that wouldn’t reach anymore to JHs (that’s a loss of 24% (8x10)-(8x7), but a gain of 54% (4x10)+(2x7)). So a net gain of 30%.

Here’s a pic of what I’m taking about. The percentages are off though because they’re for clocktowers. You would just use Oasis instead except for the 8 I circled, they would be JHs so they can reach. (Credit @Sionsith for the pic, I just drew on it)

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Thank you friend!
I did what you told me above, with a few sacrifice, I did get a boost of 30% more, making it 560% now!
You guys are Amazing!

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Awesome, congrats. I don’t know if non-VIP players can get Sundials or Mr. DNA statues, but if you get a decoration that reaches 4 squares or higher and had a percentage higher than 7%, you can swap out those 8 JH statues (it just has to fit in the same spot as a JH statue , so no AF etc.)