Need more coins


Can Ludia please come up with a way to get coins easier and faster? I’m not asking them to make it too easy but at least a little easier than it is now. I have 53 dinosaurs that I need level up but I can’t level them up because I don’t have enough coins to do so. 53 dinosaurs does not even include the dinosaurs that I will be able to level up more than once. When you get to the point where you are paying 6,000+ coins to level up every dinosaur you have, the coins start to add up and you run out of coins very quickly. Especially when you get dinosaurs to level 15 and above when you have to start paying 10,000+ coins.


U just have to concentrate on your team,and maybe 3-4 dinos on the bench


Good lord mine are like 50/60k not including what it costs to fuse them.


I don’t really do battles unless it’s at gyms. I don’t battle in arenas anymore because I feel like it can be unfair at times. I’m trying to get all of the dinosaurs in the game.


50/60K to level up your dinosaurs?


I feel your pain since I have 88 that I can level. But it’s honestly a good thing or you would see many more people power leveling commons or Rares just to have a 30 in the arena. Coins are precious and it makes people very careful with what they level. Except for new people’s… I leveled some random stuff myself early on


Mine are over 100k


Yes. Just wait till you get them over level 20 :roll_eyes:


Holy crap. That’s ALOT of coins to upgrade your dinosaurs. It’s going to be a while before I am able to get enough coins to be able to create all the dinosaurs in the game. Lol


Luckily creation is technically free (minus the cost to level the base ingredients and the fusion attempts). Some uniques will be pricey. The ones with a common component, also the DNA cost (2000 raptor DNA per try for Indoraptor)


I find with the strike events, chests, SD’s and battle incubators the coins do accumulate fairly fast. No, not to where I can level something every day but every week I have enough coins to do something with them. I can choose to create one of each Dino to have the full kit, or only create and level the ones most valuable to me for battle.

Perhaps I just have more patience and do not monitor coins every day so they SEEM to accumulate faster. I am also not shooting for a top 10 team, just enough to keep me in incubators and to have fun.

Once a week I fuse what I can or level something. Then let the coins accumulate again or save up to have enough to level a higher one.


Same. Collecting each one has become my focus. Not so worried on the hybrids outside of Indominus and Indoraptor though (at least they come from the films).


My next 4 dinos are going to cost 100k, 120k, 120k, and 150k to level up. And those are just the ones that are ready. I can fuse some others and have them ready too but I’m saving the coins. And this doesn’t count the Unique dino I’m about to create, which still needs both of the dinos used to create it leveled to 20. It’s absurd.


Stop trying to level up everyth8ng. You are NOT supposed to do that.


I’m debating whether I should level this up or not! It’s alot!!!


You should ALWAYS level up stegodeus.


I know, but it’s so many coins and I’m sure with everyone complaining it will get nerfed someday, people just love to make others pay for their selfish reasons. Meanwhile we grind and grind for what we have :pensive:


80k is only 4 days of battle incubator’s and max coin limit though so at least it’s not as bad as it was before, and don’t forget the two free epic incubators that you get from strike events every 7 days, so thats another 20k.


True @DracoInfernalis, I never looked at it that way


pretty sure to get stegodeus from 25 > 26 it was 100,000 coins… so, if you’re complaining about 10,000, you might want to quit now :wink: