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Need More Evidence that Arena Matchmaking is Broken?

Just played these two teams in lower Library. My team is between 25 and 27 with moderate boosts.

I felt bad and wondered how the first team even hit Library. They were not hyper-boosted.

The second team was crazy. High level with some heavy boosts. I covered their rank but it was very close to 400.

Congratulations, you broke your dino game Ludia.


So, how muh did you loose against those? Had some with stats like that and lost more than 30 points because the game claimed that my overall creature power was higher.


I lost nothing to the first team. My team was much stronger - not sure how they got to library with that team.

Don’t know how much I lost to the other team. Honestly I quit looking at trophies long ago, since it is so messed up.

Probably a smart thing to do. That system is so flawed, given that one hyper boosted creature can easily take out a whole team of moderately boosted ones.

Low Library is still trophies only. So if a jerk decides to drop, you will be matched with them.

The way to remedy this via matchmaking algorithm is to create a bypass system to not match him at all with you. Or have a hybrid system that would still allow droppers to come down but maybe they will rise maybe 20% slower

Yeah, he had a high count of 6000+, but was obviously dropping to get some easy incs and battles. Still not sure how the other team made it this high.

Wonder if there could be an algorithm that could take high trophy count into the matchmaking decision. Would not want that to weigh in too much though, as there are people like me who drop sometimes to play other teams. Not boosting my level 16/18 legendaries just to try them out.

Nothing is broken. There is no term such as “fair” which is usually used for self benefit anyway. This is called Ludia listening. Listening -Never- means getting what you want or being made happy. It simply means listening. There is a reason I said this.

We had a system that slapped Arena Droppers in the face. A lot of people complained about it so this is the system we have now. After a certain amount of trophies your team strength starts to not matter anymore.

Ludia gave people what they asked for.


I was looking for evidence of the worst update.1.7 made too many mistakes in 1 update and was written off as boosts wrecking the game forgetting how bad the matchmaking got for many players.

I am all for punishing droppers but if it ends up holding back legit serious players or forcing players not in the top 5 to have to exploit the algorithm to get a fair match then it is a bad matchmaker.

The current matchmaker needs a tweak and the top 1000 players need to be pulled away from Library.

The problem with matching based on high score is that players will always stay 1 week behind the pack to get easier wins. It also punishes pushing early since if you hit an absurdly high score early in season, you will be matched with players who are way out of your league.

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Yep, I have not moved one trophy level in the last 6 months, even though I have a much stronger team than I did then. The problem is boosts honestly (mostly speed). I just cannot pay enough to keep up - and wouldn’t.

Everyone is improving at around the same rate with quitters being replaced by dolphins and porpoises.

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So, not improving at all then?? :rofl:

Sorry, I was at 5250 six months ago and am at 5300 now. That said I don’t really care. Trophies are pretty meaningless to me honestly. Mostly I just do the battles for the incs and daily.

Matchmaking is broken and has been broken ever since the stat boosts were introduced. My team is averaged at level 25 with mostly speed boosts (I only buy speed) But I face level 28s to level 30s most of the time. Frustrating? Yes. Definitely.

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Yep, just amazing to me that I can have back to back battles in Library - one against a lvl 15 player with an average 19 dino team that is slightly boosted, and the next game is against a lvl 20 player, ranked as one of the top 450 players in the game with team that averages 29 and is heavily boosted. That’s pure coding laziness on Ludia’s part honestly.

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That’s because Ludia created a mess by taking into account team power below Library, and those droppers of course. I would prefer to see only trophy based matchmaking everywhere, combined with my suggestions in

Matchmaking is pretty transparent at most levels.
Win a few easy, lose a bunch of impossible.
Of course when you state this you get the Ludia excuse agents claiming that matchmaking is completely fair to them, your team just isn’t balanced, or arena droppers, or you just don’t know how to play…

That was my thread a long time ago and since I’m one of those who have always complained, I can say that they certainly never gave people what they asked for. Actually, they made it worse at the time. What we wanted in the first place was simply a way to avoid arena droppers, who were running wild. Not only they didn’t avoid that, but also screwed up the whole matchmaking, instigating even more people to drop on purpose.


It does seem that many times when Ludia fixes something they end up making the game worse. :thinking:

Match pairing has been broken ever since the boosts were introduced. It has been there for a very looooong time. I just wonder why Ludia is not accepting this as a problem.


Because it entices people to get angry and then buys boosts to keep up. It’s all about the money for Ludia.