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Need more members for alliance!

We only have 12 people in our alliance, we would greatly appreciate some new members! We’re all pretty active, we don’t message much but if anyone did send messages in it we would do our best to respond! Need help completing alliance missions, it’s hard with only 12 people! CrimsonAngels
Thank you in advance!!


Just trying to help :slightly_smiling_face:

How do you merge alliances??

It’s actually my cousins alliance(she’s the leader) that I’m in and I’m just trying to get some people to join and help get the alliance rewards, you can definitely join our alliance though!

I’m a leader too and we are one of the old original ones. I know the struggle to find members and have seen lots of threads with new alliances and smaller alliances looking for members. I did a merge a long time ago and it worked out great. To merge you have to decide who will be leader. I was willing to stand down at the time, but got appointed. One alliance’s members leave and join the one you are merging with and then the leader of that one disbands and also joins. The name of the alliance can be changed to reflect both or left as is. Its pretty easy and if there are one or more small groups of active players it definately makes the most sense.

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