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Need more nullifying dinos or nerf Monomimus


The only relevant nullifying dinos are tanycolagreus and, to a lesser extent, monostegotops. Many people when asked about a monomimus nerf just say “nullifying dinos are a good counter”. I see plenty of 18-20 monomimus daily and you’re going to need about the same level tany to deal with it, which I just can’t do. And monostegotops isnt powerful enough to finish it off before getting distracted. Its immunity definitely doesn’t help, and its speed means that tanycolagreus is essentially the only somewhat reliable counter for it, which is why I’d like a tany hybrid or something decent that can nullify.


The possibility of a Tany hybrid is the reason I didn’t level mine past 22. A Unique would be awesome!


My gut tells me tany will get a hybrid at the next update! I can feel it! I’ve kept mine at 15 right now to see what happens!


I will die if tany gets a hybrid :heart_eyes: she’s my favourite ever!

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you can try amargocephalus. i usually go brute force or fight fire with fire.


Amargocephalus wouldn’t work at all the mono would just nullify the shield and deceleration wouldn’t work due to its immunity.

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sorry meant suchatator. i was talking to someone else earlier about amargo vs indom.


Even then the only moves that will be useful are nullifying impact and superiority strike. And 2 impact moves from a monomimus will take out the suchotator with ease


I cant argue against getting more nullifiers in the game, but as a trade off, Monomimus needs more hp or even rampage. Otherwise, it would go the way of the Raptors. Little guy has got to protect himself out there.


I’ve been keeping track of how often Monomimus made it to my deck when battling. Last 10 battles she didn’t even make it once. I’m sure the moment I put Monostegotop in my deck I will end up with two nullifying dinos every time.

It’s just too bad that my Monostegotop is too weak.


just called monomimus irrelevant? :thinking:
it might be the most useful dino in the game.
but i agree. monostegotops isn’t on anyone’s team if it doesn’t nullify.


I didn’t call Monomimus irrelevant, I was lamenting that I had her on my team but the game didn’t pick her even once during the last 10 battles. It’s hard to face dinos that cloak and evade when my nullifier doesn’t show up, but I’m sure that the moment I put Monostegotop in my deck, the game will decide to pick both of them (or just Monostegotop because she is weaker) for my next match, which isn’t ideal because I would rather that extra spot Monostegotop takes be occupied by a stronger dino


not you. the OP did. :wink:

need some dimetrodons and magnapyritor would kick monostego off for sure.


It’s the Dimetrodon dna that is holding me back right now, she’s still level 17


When did I say monomimus was irrelevant