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Need New Alliance Members

Recently, our allience have had to remove some players due to their inactivity and for others being uncooperative in the alliance missions.

Last week we hit teir 5 for exploration, and teir 4 for defense. However, we are looking to bring in some hard working and more importantly, TEAM PLAYERS.

Please send a message if interested, we can invite you to our allience (we also use discord).

Thank you.

Hi. I have an alliance, but the players don’t contribute a lot. I and a friend play every day, we complete our daily missions and fight in arena to receive our daily battle incubators. We contribute to the alliance. We can leave our alliance if you share the name of your alliance.

Hi I’m very active player. Level 14 with 4100 trophies. Really need worth it alliance. My account name haziqrazak126

Hey u could join ur just in right lv u have discord that the only thing u really need we have 2 lv 20 sanctuaries we are in rank 154 in alliance tournaments we donate trade dna we also vote for creatures for the sanctuaries our name is International dinos plz don’t request before u add me in discord MegalodonGamer#6965 for me to tell u the leader discord