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Need new prehistoric creatures... Suggestions please .?


how about we wind it up a few notches and have the techies / game designers bring the one prehistoric creature every man and his dog would give their eye teeth go get their hands on * a Sabretooth Tiger * that nasty little kitty would have an attack phase that would rival the T Rex or even better it ! … here kitty kitty, nice tiger, nice kitty… thats a good sabretooth… hey no, no, no eating your trainer you bad kitty … lol ^^ ^^

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How about we fix the glitches in this game before making new unwanted content.


this is what the game is all about players / members making suggestions to enhance the game overall, this is not something that can be implemented overnight but something to possibly look forward to in the future in the months / years ahead of us all. yes i know there are bugs / glitches / problems with the game but those are being worked on by the techies fixing them as fast as possible, after all ROME was not built in a day nor was this game either so i will be sticking with my ideas of new prehistoric creatures for future inclusions into the game. :slight_smile:


Mammals? What are they good for? Absolutely nothing!

And seriously, if you think some cat with oversized teeth is even comparable to Tyrannosaurus or other large Theropods you need to check your facts better.


Actually we have crocodiles (eg. Purussaurus) and amphibians (eg. Koolasuchus), but I don’t think mammals are good idea. Much better idea is adding marine reptiles cause they are more close to dinosaurs than mammals or eventually sharks (Helicoprion lived in the Permian along with eg. Dimetrodon). Only one thing which I cannot imagine about marine creatures are the battles, cause it would be weird if they would fight against land creature - in this case they should get their own Area to use only marine creatures.
In this case the game mechanic would change drastically. All creatures would be flagged whether they are land, aquatic or semi-aquatic.
Land creatures would battle in standard Area, marine creatures in the new marine Area, and semi-aquatic (crocodiles, amphibians) may battle in both, but the existing semi-aquatic creatures should get a new swimming animations.
So much Work so if it would even be included, i’m sure it won’t happen soon. But still, it’s possible cause JW Alive takes inspirations form JW The Game (Diplotator is the example).


Says the mammal. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey Mosasaurus took out Irex in the movie. Could have battles like that where the water one pops in and out of the water. :rofl:

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I know, I’ve watched this movie xd.
But the problem is all existing areas are only land-areas. It would be weird seeing mosasaurus on the land :joy:


I just want them to stick to dinosaurs, pterosaurs and marine reptiles. This is Jurassic World not Ice Age World.

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They could design an arena near a beach, or surrounded by rivers or lakes where the Mosasaurs could be in and pop up for an attack!
Could even give them a special ability “Dive” which gives them a chance to evade the next attack, or something along those lines!

Edit: Remember in JW the staff member said that the Mosasaur was believed to hunt near the surface! So what I said about the beach arena makes sense!

Also in JW just a few mins before the Mosasaur gets Indominus, you hear the loudspeaker say “The next mosasaur feeding will begin in 5mins” :P, then 5mins later WHAM!!!

I noticed it the second time I seen it at the movies :wink:

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Well if we are going to have sea creatures then i would seriously suggest this rampaging monster of the deep ( Megalodon Cacharadon ) that would chomp its way through most opponents in mere minutes ! lol


Or they could design an aquatic arena for sea creatures that could battle each other for supremacy to be crowned King of the deep perhaps .?. :slight_smile:


I think that marine reptiles should have Aquarium Arenas separate from the regular Arenas.