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Need new world boss attack strategy

The old approach is not seem to be working any more. Kudos to the first person to figure out a new attack/block approach…

well for attacking you seem to only need to factor in 1 block unless it has 6+ points because so far it hasent gone for more than 1 block on me

So I noticed the boss has 2 different approaches. If the 2nd and 3rd aquatic are the same type, it behaves one way (I.e. both are cave). If the 2nd is cave and 3rd is surface it behaves differently.

yeah its very agressive if you dont have surfaces as your follow ups

So I have tried this 3 times, not sure if it works all the time. (My disclaimer that it might not be right). But if you choose surface, cave, surface…here seems to be ai attack strategy:

  1. Attack 2
  2. Attack 0
  3. Attack 3
  4. Attack 5
  5. Attack 0
  6. Attack 5
  7. Attack 1
  8. Attack 5

I could get all my blocks in. As soon as my surface cools down, I will update with my moves as I didn’t write them down…(I was surprised it got into a pattern)

You can’t get into a never ending attack mode, but you can get the blocks completed and you can get the 7 or 8 action attacks in…

do you know if you get anything for completing all of the challenges

I’ve done it twice and there never was a special reward.

well at least you get dna i guess

You get exactly what is announced for each mission but nothing in addition once you’ve finished them all.

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