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Need opinions on my 8th dino for the team

Hi all,

I would love to hear your thoughts on this:

So basically my team is (Thor 30, Indo 30, Spyx 27, Tryko 27, Indo gen2 26, Maxima 26, Magna 25)

I used to have Gemini 22 but unfortunately it’s not up to par with the rest of the team yet and still long way to go …not sure what’s the proper replacement should be but here are some candidates:

1- Dioraja 25
2- Orion 25
3- Tryo 26
4- Dilorac 27

I also have 3 boosts ready to use for each category… The good thing about Dioraja is that i can use my speed boosts elsewhere since it doesn’t require that as you guys all know… whatever i choose … it also should have good synergy with my team.

Love to read your thoughts and thanks u :slight_smile:

Out of those 4, I’d lean towards Dioraja. You probably don’t need another speedster since you already have 4. Dilo isn’t very good anymore unfortunately. Quetz, while powerful, should be at a higher level. If you can get your quetz to 28, you may want to think about replacing Indo1 with her, but that’s another discussion. Tyro can be good, especially if you struggle against gemini/maxima, but struggles against faster dinos and dodge.


I think Dioraja wins in terms of diverse kit and survivability as well as ease of leveling.


Tryos if you suffer against a lot of tanks: counter attackers, and dio if otherwise

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And dio can be hard swapped and survive really well

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Dio or tryo

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