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Need petition signers

I have made a petition because this game has gotten worse and has become very pay to win. The only way they will listen is if we show them a large number of their players do not like their business practices. They need to treat us, their players with respect. Please sign, since it will hopefully better the game.

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The reasons given for the petition has nothing to do with respect.

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If you dislike the game this much you should just play something else. This petition is ridiculous.


You do realize that most petitions dont achieve anything right?


This petition seems to lack a defined endgame. That is a hard sell regarding petitions. Perhaps suggesting a fix and bringing it up to the mods to present to Ludia might be more effective. Open-ended complaints are usually destined for the “gripe-bin.” Just a suggestion.


Would you rather have 9 adds per battle?

Mods, could you please lock this.

Closed at OP’s request