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Need players to join alliance

Hi Everyone. I was looking for any players to join our alliance Dragonkickboxing. We are a small group which are in need of more regular players. Please respond to message if you are interested.

have you had any luck? i checked out your alliance and if you were to be open to it, an alliance merger might make sense. we have a very active team but had to remove people a while ago for not following the rules with co-op sanctuaries and tournament participation. We are looking to add about 10 people total as long as they agree with our rules. We do a lot with raids, team building, lvl 20 sanctuaries, and have been getting at least 9/8 on the weeklies recently without a full 50 (only 36 this past week)

Thank you for your offer. I will put it up for a vote. There are only about 6 of us who are active.

Sounds good, we recently did this and it worked out well with another alliance before we made discord required. As long as everyone is good with the rules, they are welcome to join. I can add you to the discord if needed to check out everything before making a decision

What is your alliance name, I am looking for a alliance for raids

TheDemonDinos, Growing Alliance with Multiple Spots Open, check out what we ask, if your good, message me on discord. We have a lot of good players to coordinate raids and do what we can for lower level players to beat mortem or lux, depending on your team

Any decision on joining? we would love to have you guys in.

Sorry about the delay. We decided to join another alliance. Would be interested?

Sounds good, if it doesn’t work out let me know and we would be glad to have you guys join

I gave the members time to vote and ended up with only 4 voting yes So how do we do this?

what is your discord name and number? i can message you on there, but the process will be let me know their game tags, and have them apply, we will let them as they apply. It would be preferably before the tournament starts but if they have not participated in the tournament yet then that should be fine. You can have them message me on discord as well when it works for them. my discord info is toner86 #1521

What is your alliance name so I will tell members who want to join to send their request to your alliance?

It’s TheDemonDinos. But have everyone reach out to me on discord first. Did they participate in the tournament yet? How many people will it be total?

Are you guys still interested? We have enough spots left for you to come over still.

I’m having problems with players not responding even though they are active. Is it possible for me to mention your alliance name and let those who want to join can send a request to your alliance?

Yeah! if you can send me their names on discord, I can admit them when they request to join. That way i can let others know if they see the requests to let them in