Need Players Who Battle

Dysfunctional Dinos are always on the hunt for strong, dedicated and friendly members to join our family.
Why join us?
We offer 2 level 20 Sanctuaries that are built in less than 24 hours. We always donate DNA.
Alliance Missions:
We are currently achieving 10/9 with the alliance mission rewards but we are making progress every week to reach that 10/10 peak.
Discord is mandatory. We are an international alliance but use English to communicate.
What we expect from you:
Level 13 with 2500 trophies or more. Willing to fight at least 20 battles a day.
Willing to shoot at least 20 darts a day.
We also have a few rules we expect you to follow but these are quite simple and are in place to ensure everyone is doing their part.
If you’re looking for a team that merges the ambition of a top tier alliance, but a fun and friendly environment, we are the team for you. PM your interest to become a Dysfunctional Dino.