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Need Raid Members

I can’t seem to coordinate with the friends I have online.

Can we post discord links? I made a JWA Raids server and anyone who wants can use it.

I am trying to find some people right now!

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Alternatively, I made this chat room that does not require registration:

Kinda thought I would have seen someone at least by now.

Nevermind, I am logging off.

I think I am done with raids…its just to hard to find people. Been trying all day.

Hey Rage,

Please don’t feel like you have to give up… I especially enjoyed our Mammo raid, on Tuesday, together!

People may not have joined your Discord, since there are other existing ones:

Please do feel free to join both - the invite links will expire in a day, though, so just let me know if you need me to send updated ones!

Happy Gaming :slight_smile:

I worded that a bit…wrong. I meant, I am logging of discord and I was done with raids at that time. I was still playing the game afterwards, just not messing with raids.

I am not DONE done with raids…just that I had been trying all day and not been very successful, so I was giving up on raids for the day!

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The link I made to the server is forever. I wanted anyone to be able to use it, even if I am not included. Really, I think using chatzy or something is better because its no-registration.