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Need refound values,cheater protocol


These days i been honestly with them and send a lot of mail for asking a refound with values in game as the amount cost i spent in game in these mounths…none answer by them yet and 14 days aren’t past yet…
How can i do? How mich time it need it for refound purchases?
I’ll play legit for your joy :grinning:


Hey Antonio_Ferraro, I’m sorry if our team has not gotten back to you yet. Our team is working as fast as possible to get to everyone, but make sure you’re not sending them multiple emails before they get a chance to reply because it could reset your position in their queue.


Hi! Ok sorry i send multiple mails because i see no answers by you as team…anyway my last mail is the previois one i don’t text mex you again but please! Solve my problem in game