Need some advice on my team please

Hi all - I need a bit of advice on my team.

I only started playing this about 5 days ago and although I wish I had the likes of an indoraptor and tryko, I sadly don’t and sitting on about 1400 trophies, procerathomimus is really annoying and killing me to death. (So I did just make one, that’s only lvl 12)

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello. Thats nice to see you have VIP as well. Just really hang in there through the tough times. Once you get your real team, those noob opressing dinos will be easy to deal with. Participate in today’s tournament and you will get some turtle DNA. You can wear down yoshi pretty good with this turtle.
Try asking your alliance to help you make dracoceratops.

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Replace Utah with Yoshi ASAP!


I am going to sound like a noob here, but by Yoshi, you mean the turtle right? Yes, I have a game plan lol - but it will take some time and alot of DNA - plus I am being careful with my coins, as I hear that is a problem, when you have high level dino’s.


Yoshi means procerathomimus

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Replace the Allo with Nodopato; you’ve already got a heavy hitter, and you need a tank.

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