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Need some advice


Went up against this team four times in a row and while I was able to take out 2 of their dinos each time, but I can’t seem to figure out the best way to counter the 4 circled dinos, especially the Diorajasaur. Those of you who have had to face these dinos, what are the dinos and moves you use to counter them?

Edit to Add: I know this player is unranked but it doesn’t change the fact that I will have to face these dinos again at some point against the ranked player too so would really like to know how.


@Pateradactyl Came up against that same player four times in a row. Don’t think the bird will help. :rofl:


Dioraja is actually not all that good compared to Rajakylo. It gives up Long Defense and Extended Critical Strike for Short Defense and Distracting Impact. Tank busters and immune dinosaurs would do well, although it is worth noting that unlike Rajakylo, Dioraja is faster than Indominus. Tryostronix is probably the best counter that comes to mind, along with Indoraptor or Monomimus.

Indoraptor is a coin flip. The only thing that will beat it at the same level 100% of the time that I can think of is Tanycolagreus. Stegodeus and Stegoceratops are ok because they can tank its damage and slow/stun it through its cloak. Monomimus might be able to win here as well but I haven’t got a good grasp of whether it does enough damage unless Cleansing Impact was already used.

Trykosaurus I haven’t faced too often but it can be beaten similar to Dioraja. Tryko is all damage so damage reduction works well, as does Defense Shattering if you can predict the Invincibility. Again, Tryostronix comes to mind, as Ready to Crush wouldn’t require you to take a hit from the counterattack.

Diloracheirus I haven’t played against, but it’s got an identical kit to the Dilorano, giving up health for damage and speed. Anything with armor/shields should do well. Stegodeus opening with Superiority Strike to cleanse the Distracting Impact into Armor Piercing Rampage should probably kill this, considering most Stegods are around 25 and this should be around 21 or 22.


Info is good, for the Stronix vs Dio fight also good to start with RTC then DSR. By using RTC instead of ferocious you’ll avoid Dio’s strongest dmg rotation on turn one just soaking distract instead of its counter as well. Then finish with ferocious if it’s not dead. Keeping stronix life save as possible is the number one priority.


If you aren’t confident in one-shotting it though it might be better to use Ferocious after RTC. That way if you don’t kill it, it won’t be able to pop Invincibility since they’ll probably assume you’ll go DSR turn 2.


Thanks, everyone! Sounds like I need to reshuffle my team then? :rofl: Who should I kick
and focus on leveling up?


the bird!!! tbh i dont think you are ready just yet for those uniques.


I don’t think so either, but I have no control over who they want to pair me with in pvp :rofl:


very similar teams


Wish we can duel, but of course the system in its infinite wisdom thinks I should be dueling uniques :joy:


every once in awhile ill get paired with a stacked team of uniques or a team of level 25 commons :joy:


Four times in a row today is unusual, and five times in a row against people with questionable achievement is disturbing … really hope this won’t be a pattern :rofl:

I still don’t know what I should replace or level?