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Need some help, Community Managers!

Sorry to take up your time, but could you please tell me when the next update will come? It’s just that everyone is talking about Boosts 2.0, possibility of blood in the battles, etc. I would appreciate if you explain what this is all about!

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I would appreciate to know the general timeframe of the boost reset for planning and preparing, but I can wait for a few months for any mention of a new patch release.

We shouldn’t be getting our hopes up just yet. We’re barely a month into 1.9.

Boost reset before 2020, I believe.

It’s pointless to ask. They decide when they release the information, and with updates it’s usually not more than a week in advance. Some hints here and there about the update before that, maybe, but when patch notes get released it’s usually less than a week.
Time between patches is 2-3 months, so you gotta be patient, we’re probably not even halfway since the last update.
It’s likely that the boost reset will go together with the next update, my guess would be the beginning of December.

Blood in battles is probably already in the code, will maybe be activated around halloween time.

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Lol I was a bit wrong there.
Give it a week tops :slight_smile:

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Well said…

We had some hope Ludia was planning on rolling out boosts 2.0 when they missed that Wednesday sale… but considering they are back to normal with sales boosts 2.0 is most likely the big addition in the next update.

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