Need some help figuring where I went wrong

Ok, so my overall level is 13 but unfortunately I have nobody actually at that level. Mostly 9s and 10s with 1 or two lower than that. Trying to clear clear the underdark but am getting wiped out very quickly. Tommus isn’t seeming to cut it anymore and my Nayeli isn’t high enough level and doesn’t have the gear level yet to take his place. Feel like I’m kind of in this limbo situation. I know Nayeli will be extremely good once I get her geared up but until then I don’t really have an effective tank. I think eventually I’m gonna run Nayeli, Calliope, Saarvin, and probably Naomlin.

I’d say Tommus is vital for dungeon tanking, as when setup correctly he is like a stone for damage, especially when you want to clear dungeons where the monsters are a few levels higher and can sometimes 1 hit kill some of the less armoured characters.

I have him set-up on taunt + regen, then counterattack because even though his attacks don’t do loads of damage you are just chipping away at their hit points (he’s having multiple attacks per round on average).

Weaponwise, you have a few choices. You can use the mighty sword and shield and build up defence across the whole team, or use the pushback sword, which will keep some of the harder melee hitters away or cause bonus damage if someone is behind them. If you can get his legendary (which I just picked up on day 24 of the rewards) that’s a significant upgrade as it procs 50% of the time even at level 1 and attacks an extra enemy - even ranged with decent damage each time. Combined with counter attack, it’s very effective.

For my other dungeon slots I use Halbenet and have him sat back continuously healing and moving with restore leggings to remove any ill effects. Plus repeat casting of regen. He basically keeps Tommus alive or boosts up the damage dealers health if they’ve been hit. Then I only bring him in on the offensive if it’s do or die (then the mighty bone comes in handy - steal health + resurrect chance) and up against the wall or I’ve broken the main offensive from their team and have them routed.

Then for my offensive slots, I have Saarvin with counterattack set-up, but instead of the epic bow, I use the rare bone hatchets up at level 7 to proc 75% of the time and hits 3 enemies at a time with 100% damage. This means its average damage output is way higher than the epic bow.

Final slot is other damage dealer Shevarith with the epic wand currently procing at 50% to attack 3 enemies per turn. But instead of the obvious epic disarm hood, I have the common hood at level 9 and it performs gust of wind, which hits 2 enemies with 125% damage and pushback for a 3 turn cool down. It’s great for using multiple times per room battle and keeps some of the hard hitters away from your team.

If I hit a really difficult hard hitting room, I’ll swap out a damage dealer for Nayeli and Double Tank. Then once Tommus health gets low I can hit Nayeli’s Taunt and heal up Tommus then flip it.

Everyone’s teams are different in terms of their development - I too have some under levelled characters with not great equipment who I’m sure will come in once they get stronger. Also unless you are rich and pay to play, what legendaries you have access to is likely to be restrictive and getting them at a slow rate.

The best thing to do is just experiment with different team members and equipment and if some of the more common equipment seems poor, you can find out what happens at the next upgrade level point and grind challenges to upgrade the kit until you have more to work with.

Good luck.

I mean, I dumped Halbenet for Calliope because Halbenet doesn’t do much outside of heal while Calliope has damage and CC both. I also noticed that Halbenet’s heal only does 75% heal and Calliope’s heal starts at 100%. The difference is Halbenet’s heal has a lower cd. `That extra 25% is no joke. Mine is I believe almost at 150%. As I said before, she can heal and so something else as well. Honestly, I don’t know why Halbenet’s heals were nerfed to the ground. He doesn’t really do damage and he’s a cleric. I’m assuming a life cleric at that. His whole thing is keeping his allies alive. Having the bard able to both Heal and CC better than the cleric kind of makes no sense and the bard doesn’t really need to be nerfed.

As far as Tommus, it’s nice that I have him able to keep taunt up almost permanently (1 turn cd compared to the duration) but he really has nothing for AoEs. I feel like once I get Nayeil up to par, her ability to give her party members block (which is pure damage reduction) is gonna make a bigger impact. Maybe I’m just missing something, I don’t know. The Legendary weapon does sound interesting though for Tommus. I thought the AC stacking got nerfed. I mean, I know that everyone was using Tommus for the longest time while stacking AC in order to make him damn near unkillable. Thought they brought that down quite a bit. That may be one of the things I’m missing.

Saarvin I have his rare bow which procs the bleed. maybe it’s not necessary since I have the rogue? I have the legendary helm for my rogue and she massacres even bosses since she does 250% damage with Assassinate. I’m trying to get her 100% chance to stealth on movement because that seems like a necessity. I actually have Slayer’s Prey on him instead of Bone Quiver. Slayers Prey is the one that reduces the ac of enemies significantly and gives me another action. have it at -50% atm but it only lasts 1 turn. Next level it lasts 2 turns. I guess my problem is that I can burn through bosses very easily but the trash is actually what gets me.

I’m going ot try your setup though. Hopefully it helps me get through the first part of the underdark

So I just tried your setup 3 times. I unfortunately did not get any further than I did before. The room 1 of the first boss battle has 8 enemies which just rip through Tommus. Even with regen up and heaing every turn using Halbenet. it’s just isn’t enough and the chip damage from all of my allies just isn’t enough to really power through the healing in a meaningful way. It’s a room full of bugbears but unfortunately some of the bugbears can heal which seems to give hem a MASSIVE advantage. They are healing for 200% of damage (around 700 to 1100) every 3 turns. and there are 4 of them that can heal. They are only level 10 and 11 though. I fee llike I SHOULD be able to beat them.

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I remember those bugbears and they are one of the most annoying and tough ones to beat. I wish the game would let you go back and re-do a particular room, as I cannot remember what exact setup I used in that case to clear the rooms but it took me a fair few attempts. I’m currently got mostly 10s with a few 9s in my team up against lvl 12 and 13 in Heartcoil Deeps and it’s getting challenging again.

Have you tried putting in Farideh? I remember using her in my team for a while. She has several damage reduction debuffs at disposal. To stop severe beatings from heavy hitters. Then you have a number of weapon options - pushback wand, lifedrain melee all that do decent damage and keep people alive or away from team members.

The damage reduction debuffs combined with using Tommus with Warriors Duo Epic weapon with most of his hits puts up defence of the entire team for a number of turns. It’s basically all about turning down the damage from the monsters .

Am I right in thinking the bugbears only self heal and not other monsters? I think being able to outlast the beatings so that you can kill them all off gradually means even when they can heal your eventual team attack will be able to take the healers down 1 by 1.

Perhaps someone else with a bit more experience further along in the game might be able to provide some pointers as well.

I can tell you one thing though, with the beatings my characters have taken, morale must be really high. Like the saying goes, “The beatings will continue until morale improves”.

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