Need some help guys


Ok since the last patch I cannot find the last Dino to unlock for my wife and daughter. And it’s the now elusive Edmontosaurus. I have not seen one in forever and if anyone has seen one lately and could give a whereabouts (parks, certain building type) any info would be appreciated.


I heard it was currently a exclusive Dino at the moment. Or I could be thinking of some other dino. But I’m missing one too. I’m pretty sure in my case it’s one of the long necks. Where do you play from? It might be one of those migration dinos


I get these rares spawning all the time. I live and work in an L1 zone… see this link:

Each of these zones is around about 2 square miles so you might see them if you go one direction or the other a couple miles.


They are everywhere in my neighborhood and won’t leave me alone lol. Id try to find a local zone 1 area with lots of supply drops, and just cruise around till one pops up. I see a nice handful around stores but mostly just the neighborhood area. Don’t see too many at parks though if that helps :grin:


Thanks guys missed seeing his pic in the zone 1 info saw him under TBD under parks one though that’s why I was asking. They must of updated their lists as he is also spawning at banks now too.


I apparently don’t have him either… I wondered who that lone blank box was… I must not have even seen him yet.


I see edmontosaurus all the time as well. I have two dinos missing. I just fought a gryposuchus which I had never seen before, so I guess that’s one. But the other one… no idea :man_shrugging:t4: