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Need some help on my team here


Hey guys been a while since I’ve posted looking for some advice on my team here,been trying to get a lot of hybrids made. Do I have to many speedy dinos and not enough thanks? I seem to do pretty well up until I get to 3200 then I start a losing streak bringing me back down a level in the arena. Could it be I don’t have enough tanks?


Paramoloch and Pyrritator aren’t that good anymore. Out of what you can level or have high enough, I’d suggest replacing them with Gorgosuchus and Alanqa or Stegoceratops.

But truth to be said, you probably should stop leveling Alanqa and make Alankylosaurus, which is a very good tank, especially around your level.

Working on Monostegotops is also something worth considering.

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Yeah Alanq hybrid is what I’m striving for just don’t see enough anklo for it I have plenty of Alanq dna though.

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The biggest problem I see with your team is that you’re splitting Sino DNA between Utahsinoraptor and Allosinosaurus… Decide on whether you want to go for Utarinex or Thor and put your resources toward one or the other… Otherwise, you will take too much time to unlock a unique and will be stranded in the lower arenas longer…

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