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Need some help with my team!

alright guys i think I have a pretty good roster but I’m wondering if there’s any changes you guys would recommend to get better results.
Right now my team is:
14 Brachiosaurus
13 Sarcorixis
13 Stygimoloch
11 Spinosaurus Gen 2
11 Blue
11 Alanqa
11 Smilodon
7 Marsupial Lion

On my bench I have a
13 Amargasaurus
12 Argentinosaurus
12 Allosaurus
11 Rajasaurus
11 Amargocephalus
9 Suchotator
7 T. Rex Gen 2
6 Majundasuchus

I plan on swapping the Majundasuchus in once I get it levelled up a bit but are there any changes you guys think I should make right now? Could really use the advice thanks so much

Suchotator for Spino, Allo for Marsupial Lion.


Majundasuchus is the absolute WORST creature in the game, don’t use it whatsoever.


Really? the abilities looked cool but word thanks man

And I thought the worst one was Lythornax

What do ya mean? If majundasuchus is played right, it can kill indominus

It’s moveset isn’t bad, but combined with its stats it’s just not that great.