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Need some or at least 1 park

Well, guys… …I’ve been going along with this for a couple of years now, but I’ve gotten pretty sick of it…
I live here, where everything is surrounded by woods and parks, but I don’t have a single park in JWA for miles. What is that? Of course you blame google for this. Who else? … But I ask you again directly: Do I always have to drive 10km to the next BIG city by car to get with a Park of 50m² with some green supply drops and battle towers? Yes? Why? Why is GREEN on the “normal” map not GREEN in JWA - what is the problem?

I live in a village with ~6200 ppl - for your relation. in the GREEN HEARTH of germany. with NO PARKS.
I should literally only have parks around me, with some spaces without park - as you see on the anonymized google-maps-screenshot.

I live in the village with the red sqare, and the next Park is at the city with the yellow sqare - THX.


No one make any comment at all so maybe

  • Everyone here has access to park, or
  • Everyone here don’t care for whatever spawns in the park

As I can see, park is restricted to the big city only. I am also the one who suffer from park inaccessibility.

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I don’t think you’re the only one but many people either gave up on the game or made it a habit to drive around a lot.

But yes, this is a very unfair problem.
I like the idea of parks but not for the dinos in it to be so exclusive. Especially the turtle is impossible to come by without many visits to parks. Baja, tenonto, pteranodon and maybe wuerho are not too uncommon in general, but without parks it takes a lot of time to level these up.


If they are going to keep the park system the way it is, they need to make it a frequent migration. Like every patch kinda rotation. Pick a direction and go and you can easily hit locals 1-4.
Parks are a headache.


Yeah that would work. Migrations are always welcome.

What you suffer I suffer and I think most Europeans. For some reason the green areas are not drawn and those that are drawn are incorrect. In m case, most of the green areas that I find belong to private campsites, closed in winter. In contrast, entire parks are not a green area.

The advantage of having a park nearby is too big. I, who play a minimum of 2 hours every day, have not seen a wild turtle since November, except the “chase” week. Most members of my alliance are in a similar situation. Instead, a member of the alliance has the good fortune to live and work in an area that the game marks as green and sees a minimum of 3 or four a week.

I would be happy if the parks were removed from the game and we had a fairer game, but I know this is not going to happen.

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In The Netherlands you probably have a park in every village and city. Here it’s not a problem.
But still, I’ve seen only 3 turtles in 2020. It’s pretty had to come by, unless you spend days on hunting it. Epic scents help.


I am in Portland Oregon. The parks that border Downtown have nothing in them. No creatures, no supplies. This wasn’t always true. It’s recent. I wonder- in New York City is Central Park blank? In San Francisco is golden gate park blank? Here in Portland the Oregon zoo, Washington park, the arboretum and rose garden are blank as if they don’t exist. These are big tourist sites. They are within the downtown area and city buses. It makes me question the game and decisions being made. I’ve dropped vip and won’t spend any more money until I can trust the algorithms. I’ve written to the company and get rote, vague answers. Oh it’s google. Well, it’s been google all along and I was playing in these parks, so what changed?

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@treFFnix you are going to hate me for telling you this but there are also hidden parks inside of neighborhoods where people get tons of turtle and park dna while also getting that zone dna when using scents or just driving around that area. Totally unfair game. Check the thread i started it yesterday called hidden parks.

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Google algorithm ruins everything!. Now I know why Niantic choose to go through tedious process of applying/approving new pokestops and Gyms.

Today I cancelled my vip after finding that my usual place for walking themed scent are badly nerfed. From 6-7 stops in 500 metre distance , now reduced to only 2.

No stop around my house , my scent walk area , and no park since day 1.That’s very annoying. I think Ludia is not competent at running game business. As the game grows old, you should give MORE, not less, to the player. Some players are looking for the reason to move on to other games and you keep nerfing this and that, removing this and that. Bingo

sorry, i dont hate you - i thank you