Need some raid help

So, this is just a useless thread of me asking for help with smilo raid since none of my alliance mates have one. I would go onto discord and ask for some help from friends but I can’t ,so yeah. I’d be happy to try to help anyone else with raids if possible/needed, just comment down below I guess

SnakeDude 4021 is my game name thing btw
I don’t have any strats in mind, but best I got(for unique raids)is a 24 thor(4387/1696/111) and 23 toura(unboosted)

I usually improvise when I do smilo raid.all you need is a healer and something with taunting invincibility(maxima for example)the rest depends on the boss’ next move

I’ll check if I’m near one if so I can help u might want to consider boosting that toura for stuff like mortem hadros gorgo and cera

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u still available 4 smilo raid?