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Need some suggestions for my team

image Hi guys
I need some suggestions for my team.
And which Dino should be applied stat boost.

Whats your current estimated trophy count

Buy boosts.

Highest is 2530
But now always between 2300~2450

In my exp, suchotator and procerathomimus are both bad if they are not high lvled, i would say invest on Legendaries like allosino, utasino and indom bc they def help u win battles

You are actually doing well for the team you have. Sino is plentiful right now, but won’t always be so don’t level it anymore. It needs to be a 15 to create the hybrids. Utahsino is very good so collect some utahraptor. Suchotator should be fairly easy to level and is definately good in the range you are, some have level 30s and use it all the way to end game.
As for stat boosts Purrataurus and once you get Utahsino would be two good ones.

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