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Need some suggestions on my team here


Stuck on lockdown with this team always get to 2900 but then I get on a losing streak and it bumps me down. Should I switch anyone around?

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Hey Jesus_Nungaray, I would try to fit in another heavy hitting dino on your team such as Gorgosuchus. Gorgosuchus really helped me out in Lockdown with its great set-up and big damage potential. Let me know how it works out, also does anyone else have other suggestions as well?


I used him before I switched him for the diplotator should I switch them back? Or who should I swap out?


I’d suggest leaving Suchotator in your team, Suchotator is an excellent counter to tanky, high health dinos and also comes with other useful abilities as well such as Instant Distraction. I would experiment by replacing some of the more tanky dinos that are already on your team and keep the one which suits your play style best! I hope that helps.


Honestly, I’d say that you are where you belong to. Your team has a long way to go until you’re able to unlock some more legendaries that will help you to progress further.

Make a long term plan on what’s next to unlock and play accordingly.
For example, I’d say that your next achievable legendary would be stegodeus. Then, go to parks and collect as many stegosaurus DNA there. Use the free scents to help you, activating them during your walks along the park.
The next one could be tryostronix if you see enough baryonix in your area.

Focus on collecting useful DNA from the featured dinos every week, and try to complete all the strike towers to get extra DNA and most importantly coins!

What can you improve immediately?

  • Swap monolophosaurus for gorgosuchus
  • Level up suchotator further (stop at 20).
  • Don’t level up any further the rest of your current dinos, save coins and ingredients to create the more powerful hybrids.
  • Get confortable at your arena, don’t rush for getting up. Learn how to play correctly and optimise getting incubators active all the time (DNA and coins income).

Doing this you will break soon the 3000 trophies, but get used to go up and down for a while until your team and skill grow to the required new level.


Thank you for the suggestion sucho is my favorite dino on my team he’s really good. I edited it but I meant to put diplotator.

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Thank you for the great response I will do that initially i had the gorgo before I switched it around had it at lol 13,but I managed to get it to 14 so I’ll switch out mono for him.

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Postimetrodon is very useful, even in higher arenas where i’m at (jurassic ruins) as long as its high level. It was recently buffed (in my opinion) since it got regeneration. it can now heal 50%. Also gorgosuchus isnt half bad when leveled, ver good shieldbreaker. I’d say put at least one of those on instead of monolophosaurus and diplotator

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Wait for the patch notes before leveling anything up


I suggest benching alanqa and diplotator, for gorgo and posti. That gives you more DS teeth and immunity.


Alanqa is MVP against all the I-rex he must be fighting at his arena level. Also very useful against annoying raptors wanting to finish your half HP previous dino. Taking it out would be a huge mistake.

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Honestly it’ll be difficult to break Lockdown without Steggod on your team. That being said, I agree with the other suggestions, but maybe take out Ankycolodon for Amargacephalus, at least until you get Tragod.

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I agree Alanq slaps indo he’s saved me plenty if battles.


Would it be worth it losing the immunity?
Plus it’s two levels higher.
I’m halfway to getting trago.
He’s probably my next hybrid. I’m 1 point away from the indominus as well.


Where are you on your Indominus Rex? If you go all Rex this weekend you can build up a good stash and maybe even create it. Then you can start working towards Indoraptor.


199 out of 200
I seen that the rex was on the event
Just waiting to get off today so I can go farm it.
It’ll be pretty awesome if I can make enough for the indorap.


Nice! You should definitely have it this weekend. Just remember that Indom needs to be at 20 and raptor needs to be at 20 to start fusing for Indorap and its 2k for each fuse so start hoarding it now. :grin:

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Since you’re close to Indorex I’d replace Ankycolodon with her and wait on Tragod. What other legendaries are you close to?


Indominus and trago are my next hybrids
Im still a while away from everything else.


Well they’ll definitely help you out when you unlock them. Lockdown is really tough without 2 or 3 legendaries, but you’ll get through the wall soon!