Need some Team input

Hey Dinofriends,

Need some input for a Dinohuntingseason.

My team atm. Is doing well and im fine with it.
But i need to start thinking: " whats next?"

I will bench ancylokodon at some point, but for what?

I want something fast and hard hitting, maybe utility aswell.
Im thinking of Pyritator/Uthasino/Thor.

Now my problem:

I love Pyritator but Irritator is hard to get and my Pyroraptor is only lvl 14.
Uthasinoraptor looks promising, but sino dna is so good and also needed for—>
Allosino/Thor, i love my allosino and i wanted Thor rly bad… but now i read that Thor is pretty underwhelming ( less health no armor then allosino).

What do you guys think?
Going for uthasino/urinex. Stay with allo or get his big brother the critmonster thor?
Maybe safing up for pyritator the extinc one?

So many questions…

Your dinotamer friend

If i were you, i would stop levelling up giga and ficus of stegodeus (better in high arenas and in strike towers). Alas you mentioned ankylocodon is disposable: try to sneek in a bleeder. Param is also disposable at higher level: jus chexk metahub for apex or tyrant dinos to replace him with depending on your play style. Allosino: yes, if your goals is to get to 5000 trophies and you dont see enough sinos: then your best bet is allosin, because you will never have enough sinos to level up thor to be competitive.


Recently got thor and he has been great… crits so much! Haha definitely not an opener, but the high damage and instant charge on t2 can be quite useful. A little armor would make sense on him, but hes deff not underwhelming. Worth it

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Thanks for sharing yiur experience with Thor, Peter. Unfortunately thor requires a ridiculous amount of sino dna. But nice to hear some positive feedback for Thor

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