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Need some teambuilding help from players around 4800+


Just got Utarinex and Thoradolosaurus from the weekly dinos and coin sale. I took the Monomimus and Tragodistis out of my team and just wanted to see if this is the best team I can field at the moment.

Tomorrow with Sinoceratops I should be able to get Thoradolo to 22 or 23. And yes, I accidentally leveled Tarbo to 21 in my excitement.


I haven’t been using indom and have a better balance without him. Megalo takes the place of a 2nd tank for me in certain aspects because of higher health. Monostego or stegocera might be options depending on what level you have one or the other at. Just my thoughts, it looks like a solid team that needs a few levels is all. Thor is incredible at 24.

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Lol sorry about tarbo. Grats!

That team looks similar to this team:

I guess if it works in top 150 or so it should work for you too.

Not sure what they’re thinking with tuora though. Might be a troll…


Your team has some serious contenders…congrats !
From what I see your team seems to have a weakness to erlidominus if you don’t draw your stegodeus. It can be a problem or not depending on what you see at your trophy range.
Indominus is a force to reckon with but if she’s underleveled it’s more a liability. For your team I would say her level is correct depending on how you use her.

A good way to find out what is required for you to progress is to keep track of what is your nemesis. Is there a team full of tanks you can’t break through ? Or speedster team with higher level you can’t compete with ?
Knowing the meta around you is a good key to make progress. Know what you can face and be prepared.

For your team, a rapid look can tell you are working towards best legendaries and best uniques so you are in the right direction :smiley:

For a thought on your recent moved out dinos, monomimus is still in my team because he has a unique combination of skills that makes him relevant in a wide range of situations and trago is out at the moment but I could see myself bring it back at some point. He can do wonders in some setups, and can completely fail in some others.

Hope it helps and good luck !

Stay strong :worried:

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I just like having Indom because it gives me an out if I’m having to punch above my weight or something.


Seems everyone uses indom to let rng win their fights

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That team is solid. It will struggle vs overlevelled trago though.

Still, no team is without weakness.

Regarding the valid point about erl - most erl players play incorrectly in my experience vs dilo. Cloak? Wrong. Rampage? Wrong. T1 you need to mss. Anyway, that alone will often leave you a window to beat them. Also keep in mind you can 1 shot one with critical impact from soino assuming higher level and a crit.

Best of luck.


I build and play/repeat and just hit 4800 with minimal losses. Avoiding rng is a goal just because it takes the fun away and it gets too frustrating for me.The team gets to be a ton of work, time and money. Wrothgar is so right, no matter the balance there are those certain dinos that are more challenging than others. Don’t change the rules for the exceptions.

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Congrats! You have all the uniques I need and should do well as you move up further.

I have only one unique on my team (Indo) and until I can finally unlock the green chicken, rinex and others only my 27 Trago, Stegodeus and Suchotator keep me afloat in the upper 4,000’s :smile:

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Thanks for the input.

I haven’t seen a decently leveled Trago in a while, and when I do I can deal with it via Spinota and Tryostronix. My problem mostly arise from overleveled Draco Gen 2s, Trykos, and Thoras.

That being said, I know firsthand that you’re up there in trophies. Would you use this team or would you make adjustments if you were me.

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Anytime. I was speaking from experience :slight_smile: Our teams are near identical:

Indom is great because of its immunity, I used it for a long time. @quakeur is right, if you want to keep using it the point will come when you need to level it (he’s ranked quite a bit higher than I am as well, he knows what hes talking about here.)

Anyway, at 4800 im sure you already know a lot of this, but…

Thor is great vs tryko so long as hes not coming in when tryko has rampage up. If he is, thors gonna have a hard time. His rampage crit can 1 shot you. Usual rotation is simply impact, rampage. Toss in an ic t2 if you are worried you wont 1 shot it.

Dg2 is annoying. I actually use thor for those. I either 1 shot crit them (after they execute my dino - usually my dilo…) or I hurt them enough they are easily dealt with later. If I dont kill it with impact, I like to use rampage t2 vs it - simply because most dg2 users will scoop it back up to reuse it, and think you will strike it. Ive killed many a dinos that were swapped in with a crit rampage from thor. Plus that leaves his ic.

If you don’t have thor at that moment, both spino ci and rinex dr can usually 1 shot it.

Thor is great. Can kill a stego 3 (?) Levels up easily. Youll learn how to use him as you gain experience with him. He can do well vs a number of things, and can help setup other dinos (like your dilo). Never forget to think beyond dino vs dino, and instead think team v team. Thors rampage especially can still hit really really hard even when distracted.

Tryo is good vs tryko too, but also only if you dont bring him into a rampage. Make sure you can kill him non-crit with dsr if you decide to rtc t 1. Sometimes you need that extra dmg from fs to finish it. Easy way to remember is that fs will do slightly more dmg than your base dmg to 30% armor.

Vs thor rinex is your best friend. Its a fantastic counter to it. Also tryo CAN work, but depends on thors crits. Rinex is much more reliable. Dilo is oretty good too, but I prefer rinex.

Regarding your team- obviously i like it :slight_smile: If I had it all to do over again Id swap trago for stego, but stego is solid.

If you have any matchup or other questions feel free to ask. Ive used this deck a lot, usually between 5050 and 5150.

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I would suggest leveling your tragodist to 22 and switching him out with your Indoraptor, since right now Monomimus is dead weight to any Dracrorex gen 2 that can do more than 2222 damage.
As you go higher and higher in ranks, you will see that level differential seem more and more important. So ditch anything under level 21.


Do you mind showing me your team for reference? I didn’t like the idea of benching Mono because it deals with Indoraptor and Indominus so well, which are things that are quite common at my trophy count.

Indominus I think I might actually put some levels into once we get another Kentro event and I see how much I can level Tryko.

As for the decision to bench Trago, it does certainly counter Indominus and Erlidom very well, but I don’t really see much Erlidom, and even when it does counter Indominus it doesn’t usually do enough damage to take it out before getting smacked around a little bit.

That being said, would you make any changes if you were in my shoes? Currently my goal is again to level Thoradolo once I’m done with the Sinos, get Tryko once there’s a Kentro event, and maybe get another level into Spinotasuchus.


With the second to last comment there are you saying if you could do it all over again you would take Trago to 26 instead of Stego?


Yes. In the current meta, I feel its the stronger tank.

Dont get me wrong- stego is good vs indo, and decentish vs dpsers, I just like trago better because hes faster than the chompers (and speed ties tryo), and is very versatile.


Do you think it’s still worth leveling with the team I have, or is it acceptable to just wait for Tryko here?


Just wait for tryko.

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I’m at your similar ranking (5k trophy more or less) and my team is also like yours…you have a great team and you are working in the right dinos.
Like Wrothgar said, just wait for tryko, it’s sooo good if played correctly and you “guess” the opponent’s moves…
Keep leveling dilorach if you struggle vs erlidom since you don’t run a direct counter to it so you can beat it due to level, but at 5k i also don’t see too much of them fortunately😂
I’m waiting to level up rinex to see what they’ll do in next patch and if they nerf it you can start to work on erlidom and go for thor with the sinos.
I play something different from you but the “core” of the team is the same.

This is my team right now. Tenonto and Thor are sorta interchangable, i run Tryko for indom and monostego for spinota (too low to start to level up), but as you see the others are the same here too.

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@Bryce_Hoffman my team for reference

Tryko would be a very very strong addition to your team. I agree with what @wrothgar said, and trago is also imo as likely as stegodeus to be in a team he’s just for some different matchups.

One point you have to consider is the level. You are in the sweet spot (I miss it, really) where your team is averaging 22-23 meaning that any unique you create can be put into your team without bringing it down.
The level of a dinosaur is really important. That’s why d2, velo, tany used to pull their weight : with a great moveset and an above average level you can do wonders.

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The above advice has helped me as well and wanted to say thanks! Hoping to hit 4900 today sometime. I am trying out l24 suchotator in place of 26 monolemetrodon and hope it’s a good choice.

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