Need Strike Help

Hello everyone. I am requesting some help here based on my current team, can someone help me with a strategy to beat the Strike event and Indoraptor. I am on the last battle and I would love a walkthrough before I get schooled.

Level 10
16 T Rex
15 Blue
13 Postimetrodon
16 Stegoceratops
15 Utahraptor
17 Suchotator
12 Sarcorixis
16 Nodopatotitan
15 Nodopatosaurus
14 Raptor
15 Stegosaurus
13 Spinatahraptor
13 Stygimoloch
12 Amargocephalus
11 Ankylocodon

Haha, I want someone to tell me I have a strong chance. I am feeling the opposite right now.