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Need suggestion for 8 dinos for Arena 8!



I know I asked many times about team selection and you guys really helped me. Now I got many new legends and want your feedback again. If I pick any of new ones in my team and if I spend my coins to level few of them? I think I can level few of those few levels above 16.

Thanks in advance


I am not able to help you personally but I make a UP on this thread to have visibility for other players. :wink:


Pyrritator instead of gorgosuchus. That is the deck i have been playing for a while and done pretty good. Gorgo is good in arena 7 but in arena 8 it is outclassed. Other than that i myself will try alankyla instead of stegocera


Thanks, I will try.

Any further feedback from others please?


Team actually looks pretty good and well balanced. I’ve actually had some success with gorgo even well Into arena 8 (mine is a level 21 though).
I may receive some opposition here, but I would ditch tryox for either your level 17 pyrritator (If u evolve it) or if you grind a little and level up your spinotasuchus. (Disclaimer, anything with superiority will hit them hard but tryox is much slower than it should be to justify its weaker HP… at higher levels when it can handle more than 2 hits, it’s great but Its one of those that kills and promptly dies next round … it’s a win for u and a win for your opponent, I think there are better strategies than this.)

The speed for both of these choices gives them a huge advantage (if u play them right). Both got buffed with this update too

You’ve got a great team though,
Good luck!


Tryo is a hard exception of good dinos that shatter shields. Better than gorgo with immunity. I dont think he should ever remove it. Its slower than spinutah yes but it cant be slowed any further.


Any day I’ll choose Gorgo.
APR 3.3k without crit. 5.3k if crit.


There is no way gorgo is better than tryostronix!


Gorgo will be out of your team sooner than later. It’s only very good in lower arena or really overleveled. One slow/decrease and bye bye.
Tryo is really strong but your is pretty underleveled. It can still be useful but you have to play it well.
It’s an apex no question asked.

If I were you with this team, my top priority would be to create indoraptor, getting as many raptor as I can. (I’m still doing it because you will be happy to have 70k raptor when one level up cost you more than 40k between indominus and indoraptor).
I would try to level up the tryo too, since baryonyx are fairly common.
Your stegodeus could be leveled too but it would cost you a lot.


Of course I’ll pick Tryo over Gorgo at the same level i.e. 27.


Thanks for the feedback, I will see if I can remove Gorgo for now. As I really don’t have ingredients to get his DNA.

For Indoraptor I really can’t find Velociraptor :frowning: I see more T-Rex then him.

Should I level pyrritator and/or spinotaschus or any other to replace gorgo or some other dino like stegocera?



Pyrritator is good. I dont believe wounding is worth anything between superiority strike and alankyla SIA when it comes out this weekend and people are finally able to create it. Pyrritator instead of gorgo is nice


I am so close yet so far from having Alankyla :frowning: really angry on seeing Alanq escaping when I could have gotten more DNA.

I hope this week he will again be available.


Just make the alankyla and play it. I think its so underrated. Think about it this have a stegod on the field and opp has a higher level indo which is low health you had 2 chances before you either try your %50 chance to kill or die to cloaked rampage or switch to a nullifier/tragodistis and next turn nullify and tahe the normal hit or tragod long protection. With alankyla, you can attack the turn opp used cloak, trying your %50 and if it dodges,just switch to alankyla


Am not sure about Gorgo’s ability in arenas 9 and 10. But surely he is a true beast and is able to take you on the leaderboard. Deploy him wisely. Just some examples for our reference.


I absolutely love my gorgo… any dino with defense shattering rampage is a huge asset to the team, and powered up with ferocious strike: somethings dying sooner or later!!


I am not saying gorgo is bad i am just saying a tryostronix of the same level and even a few level lower can do much better


Nice guys.

one more question: I replaced my Gorgo (level 18, can’t take it further up, no DNA) with pyrritator and got him level to 18 (from 16); and he is ready to take coins to become level 19.

Should I spend 30K coins to level pyrritator to 19?


sure why not. it deals a great amount of damage and i dont know why but people use spinutahsuchus a lot lately so higher level is better since they have the same speed
EDIT: by saying “i dont know why” i ment " i know that people do like lethal wound but i think its overrated between superiority strike and immunity"


If you like it go for it. Your coins will not be wasted because it gets an apex hybrid magna at level 20.

I don’t use it because I think I have better options in my team but I recognize it’s a really strong dino that can handle many situations (so did metahub because they put it back into Apex category)