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Need suggestion for Team setup


Would you change my team lineup or is the current setup good ?. Current maintaining around 3500 Battle points. Today got my first unique Indoraptor :smile:


Congratulations on the Indoraptor @RezOnRage! Your team is looking good. I would suggest starting to focus on getting some of the other legendaries you have such as Diloranosaurus, Allosinosaurus, or Tyranno into their Unique hybrids as well for your next goal.


Thanks Ned. Should I focus on levelling up Indoraptor or wait on making Erlikominus ?. I have Erlikosaurus at lvl 18.


Sadly, I have not unlocked Erlidominus myself yet, but I’m trying to level up Indoraptor a bit more before attempting to get Erlidominus as I don’t have much Erlikosaurus DNA.