Need suggestions about my yet to improve aquatic line-up

Hi there dear community of the forum, I need your help. After that “mighty day”, finally I’ve managed to carry my pitiful aquatics to a more decent level. But it has its own flaws and waiting for me to make some further adjustments.

Please be harsh and don’t hesitate to heat up the oven. Criticism is all we have to make ourselves better. :slight_smile:


So… Here they are.

I’ll be here to read every and each of the word you write to evaluate my current status thoroughly. Thank you. :blue_heart:


Wow those reefs and caves totally shocked my mind of of the universe :exploding_head:
You seem to have a really decent lineup, maybe an extra level 30 Edestus should do, and 1 more Dunkleosaurus other than than that :clap:t2:

Maybe some max 40 legendaries would also do


That lineup is more than enough to handle the (very elusive) aquatic tournament, vip 20s are perfect for them and you have them in numbers, level 30 tournament legendaries also fair well, umoon at 30 was one of the fav to use myself.

Now it’s just a case of adding more reefs as I struggled with the lack of them in tuesdays double whammy aquatic.

Overall great lineup, only increase ferocity from here if you feel you want to but I would think your ready for vip 30 ferocity at least.

You have 5 hainos and orthas at level 20 so if you wanted to bump a pair of these up to 21 and see where they sit it wouldnt do too much damage to your depth (and even out the lack of reefs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )


Level 21 VIPs sit a little above level 10 Dunkleosaurus.


Considered this one already, still hesitating though. Not wanna leave my comfort space you know. :sweat_smile:

Better see the next aquatic tournament, then decide. :v:t2:


I think your aquatic lineup is in very healthy stage and you can easily build it further on good foundations.
To have my aquatics at VIP lvl 30 ferocity seems to be a sweet spot for me. Events such as the one we’ve had today (aquatic wave or something) are super easy to go through, pvp matches are also much more comfortable etc…
If you can manage to have 9 of each class - then you are ready for evolving. If not - then you might get in trouble on Tuesdays when aquatic events pops up.
Also, VIP lvl 30 are ferocity-wise near maxed aqua hybrids - which are to me also very cool looking creatures and I just love to have them…
I strengthened my aquatics not that long ago by accepthing only aquatic TH offers (those for 11.000 LPs). I think it was worth it.


Where did all those Dunkleoses came from? :grin:
They are to expensive for me, I only bought two - just to have them at level with the rest of my lineup…


I might consider this one once I get pass the 100k mark on LPs, therefore I should stall those offers for now. Possible Prestos and Proceratos along the way are also the reasons for my hesitation, plus I’m a constant buyer of the PD tickets. :v:t2:

With a balance at around 50k, I’m on a thin rope and that rope is not that steady I’m afraid. :biohazard:

I’m slowly covering my wounds up after the “long night”. My bucks have just hit the 3k mark. Baby steps shall we say.


Thank you all guys, your referrences were important to me. I’ll be sharing my next upgrades on this thread in the upcoming weeks. :v:t2:


I totally get it! Of course, each of us has it’s own priorities and ‘vision’ :yum:
I really enjoy hearing others and then comparing it with my own…
I am also in “saving mode” currently - even if I ended with better DB count at the end of spending spree than you (but I didn’t spent as much as you did…).
Anyhow, good luck and keep us posted…


Wow… your aquatic lineup is better than my jurassic one….


Mhm very sizable. A few months back I was where you are at now, and decided to fuze all my dinos into L30 VIPs and L40 Tournaments and Super Rare Hybrids. I now have a pretty balanced and powerful aquatic lineup. I also want the goal of getting my Liosichtodon to L40 so I gotta slowly build up my aquatic park to L40 VIPs.

Of course theres absolutely zero reason to go above L20 VIPs because of how underutilized the Aquatic and Cenozoic parks are, but I did it because I wanted a more challenging experience.

Only recommendations I’d give is working on the other hybrids. OC Ludia doesn’t make it easy on us, but they are well worth it.


Looks good, just turn the heat up on the oven when you are ready (ferocity).


Both taken into account, thanks. :pray:t2: @OstaposaurusBae @Sionsith

I’ll be having a better perspective as soon as I upgrade my cenozoics too and in the mean time I’ll be cumulating new resource. There are tons of creatures still waiting to be fed including jurassics even so they are on the bottom of the list of priority, so in a couple of weeks I assume that my park’s latest shape will become much more clear.

Peace. :v:t2:


My Aquatics are still well below this, at L10 VIPs and L20 Tournament legendaries, but if I can presume to make a suggestion I find Geolasmosaurus, Xinathodon and Dakoderma all very useful and have had reasonable success in saving half the over-priced DNA costs by doing DNA to Aquatic custom trades. You have to persevere but eventually one pops up now and again. As long as you have then unlocked, that seems to be necessary.

I don’t have any tournament legendary hybrids yet though apart from the mighty Dunkleosaurus. For comparison, mine’s still at L1!

I am working towards getting all my standard legendaries at 2 xL30 ready for a jump to L40. But the hatching times… and working on other stuff as well.

It must have taken a lot of work to get to where you are with yours


Oh thanks for the comparative response. :pray:t2: It helped me where I am at and what should I do next. :v:t2:

I had totally forgotten that until you placed it on the table as an option. This is far easier to have those costy hybrids and even without any need to fuse their components up for the unlock. Once I reach a decent amount of DNA, I’ll start trying my chance on this. :v:t2:


A note of caution: I think it works better if you do have the unlock from fusion. I do only get offered the creatures I have unlocked. I don’t know whether others have found the same?


Hmm, then I have only a single option for now: Leptostega. Other two have the components but not fused up into one yet.

Anyways, I’ve tried and found back to back Hainos earlier that day. Win is a win right?:v:t2::slight_smile: