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Need suggestions for my team

Should I change my team?

If you are not progressing you should swap some.

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In my roster I include a dot dino. So I would possibly swap diplo for suchotator and dakota raptor for pacy,erlik or procerathomimus. Raja and titan boa gen 2 are also good when you get them leveled up. Hope this helps.

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Hm,if you’re facing Indominus rex,and didn’t unlock Alanqa yet,Arambourgiania’s time to shine,put a velociraptor instead of concave.then majorly try to get Ankylocodon to a high level,as it’s op in lower arena,try getting mboa(majundaboa) and replace bary with ankyloco,diplodocus with mboa.
if you were losing you should win with the replacement

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it really depends on what you’re facing regularly that you’re having trouble with. without that info, the only advice i could give at this time is to try and lower the gap between your highest leveled and lowest leveled creatures on your battle team. a 5 level difference is huge and can mess with functionality and put you in a bad spot with matchmaking.

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I’d trade dakota for smilo

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I haven’t been playing in the arena for a few days. Yes, I have been facing quite a few Indominus rexes and high-level velociraptors. I’m in Nublar Jungle right now, and the problem that I face is getting low-level teammates in battles. I was refraining from changing them because that would unbalance the class balance in my team.

if you have 100 dollars, just get the tryko lol

Ummmm, I cannot spend money on the game. And 100 dollars for a game is too much in our currency (INR 7469.55 ).

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Try to level whatever you think looks the coolest or what you personaly like the most.
I still have a bunch off overleved legendarys from my first year in JWA.

I never had more fun then playing with dinos that noone used.

You will reach higher ladders soon and then you only see the same 10-12 dinos all day long.

Enjoy your time in JWA it is to valuable.


Try to unlock sarcorixis, Thylacotator, ankylodicurus, Majundaboa…Then add them in team replacing bary, dakota, cocav asap…then your chances might get better…for raptors any high health, armoured resilient works, especially sarcorixis and brachio. Use Thyla for swap and DoT…also the rend…it’s a great tank destroyer. Majunda is a great low arena counter attacker. These changes can surely help a lot. i used these in my team a few months back when I was in those arenas. To take down indom use creatures with moves like resilient strike, impact or rampage or nullify.

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Bary is decent though,it’s faster than Andrewsarchus(newbie meta)