Need suggestions on team. What to keep in keep in/ keep out

your team’s already good to me. which arena are you in?

At the current levels your team looks very good. Are you losing matches? You could mess around and swap in your pyrritator for mega and see how that works. Also, I would raise up your spino as fast as you can to get her in there. I would swap that for the Tragodistis once they are about the same level. But that is really just a preference to the way I play honestly.


Was gunna say the same,

Pyrrittator for megalo and test out how it works in your arena.

Otherwise looking good👍🏽

I love my megalo too much to take it off my team. It wins in the clutch quite often for me. I just wish it’s speed was increased. Our teams are exactly alike, except i have pyritator instead of monostego. I’d say put in something else other than monostego. It just seems to die to everything.

I think you haven’t have the correct 8, but here I think I see a mistake.

You used Monolo DNA on both Monosteg and Monomimus. Plus the Monosteg used Stegoceratop DNA. Keep the Stegoceratops DNA with Stegoceratops and you would have had it at level 22. Plus the Monolo DNA you used on Monosteg could have made your Monomimus a level 22 as well.

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Instead of putting any dna into stegoceratops, that stego dna should be put into stegodeus.

As kwaack said pick one monostego or monomimus… replace the one you dont pick with pyrritator… this gives you two solid openers…

Secondly i would consider replacing one of your tanks… if im gonna be honest i feel like the upcomming ss change is gonna hurt tragod way more then stegodues. Stegodues still has its own speed reducers and apr still deals massive damage. Tragod is gonna have no way to clense bleeds and slows itself.

I feel like this slot on your team would best be filled with a gorgosuchus or tryo… if underleveled gorgo works better…if not them then raja… this increases your chances of starting with utahsino or pyrittator and then being able to switch to a strong counter attacking tank…

with raja best case scenario you kill their first creature then switch to a counter attacker when its likely your fast attacker will die… possibly going up 2-0 depending on rng… worse case scenario you switch to your counter attacker and hopefully kill the first dino and save your fast dino as a finisher…

If you go gorgo/tryonix you gain another dino that can armor pierce and destroy… set them up with pyra or utahsino… ferious strike to finish and hopefully one shot whatever comes in next.

This allows you to save allo,indom,stegodues as situational or potential finishers

If id definite now that ss will be nerfed?. So i should continue leveling my stego then. Didnt know if i should spreaf out the coins

Is it definite**

Pretty much what others have said; try Pyrritator in for Megalosuchus (and try and level it up to 20 for additional strength and to unlock the hybrid). I don’t think it is a bad thing to go for both Monos but now your Monostegotops is L19 I would focus on Monomimus (I will be doing that when mine hits L18). Given the increased importance of DOT I would start trying to level up either Suchotator or Spinotasuchus - having tried both I would personally go for Suchotator but it depends on what DNA you have local to you. Good team though and strength on the bench.

Stuck at jurassic ruins… ive hit a wall going from 4100-4350

I would say that’s about right - maybe able to push a little higher

It is curious the different evolution of the teams. My Team is a bit superior with Tragodistis 22 almost 23 and Stegodeus 24 almost 25 … but I have not yet been able to get enough DNA from Sinoceratops to create Utasinoraptor (or its other hybrid).

In my team I have creatures from 24 (Stegodeus) to 18 (Rajakylosauro). Your team, on the other hand, is very well compensated …

I see you have a Rajakylosauro of 18 unused. I’m just saying try it if you have not done it. I am “in love” with him and I have prioritized him before paramoloch of 19 or Spinotaraptor of 19 to give two examples.