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Need team advice after 1.9


I’d like to ask what you think about swapping utahsino to indo gen 2 permanently ? My utahsino is lvl 20 (2-3 lvls below rest of my team) because i thought id go for his hybrid but seeing how slow it will go and hard to lvl up, I seriously think about Indo gen 2 replacement. What do you think ?

Also, who should I boost to T6: Tryostronix or Procerathomimus ? Both are 23 in my team.


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Indo 2 is definitely worth it, nice to play. But you’re probably gonna miss your utahsinoraptor.
Boosting doesn’t really matter at the moment as there is a reset coming in 1 or 2 months. However, Proceratomimus is a way better dino at the moment so I would focus on that.


When boosts 2.0 comes out these kind of questions will come up way more and I think the correct is going to be the one thats easier to level.

In boosts 2.0 that utahsino will become a huge liability being under leveled and under boosted.

My only concern with indo g2… is hows your blue dna. And something to consider when boosts 2.0 hits.

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