Need team advice. Drop who, add who?

I am leaning towards adding Gorgosuchus to the team but am having a difficult time deciding which dinosaur to drop to make room.

Also, am I missing something critical that you can notice? I’m currently in Sorna Marshes around 3100 and have been unable to progress so I figured it was time to change something up.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Gorgo should never be on the sidelines.


I would say swap in Gorgosuchus for ourano or Tarbo. Your ourano is fairly underlevelled compared to your team but if she’s still doing work for you, maybe Tarbo. Also, unless you’re close to making Megalosuchus you could consider levelling Gorgosuchus up before putting him on your team. Megalosuchus is good but Gorgo is also really good, just depends if you’re looking for a reliable defense crushing dino or a counter one. It has also been a while since I’ve been in Sorna Marshes though so I’m not 100% sure what the meta is nowadays.

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: . I have always liked Tarbo for her hard hitting attacks… so do you think Gorgo is a better sub in for her?

I have ourano becsuse of her speed and slow ability and stun. If I replace her, will I be desperately missing that feature on the team?

And finally, your username is pure gold hahaha

No worries! But yeah, I’ve always loved Tarbo and I wish she would get a hybrid so I can use the 100k DNA I have stored, but I think Gorgosuchus outperforms her 99 times out of 100. Use it as a revenge killer and set up it’s ferocious strike on low dinos, and your opponent is gonna start sweating because Gorgo’s ferocious DSR is godly.
Also, thanks :joy:

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What about the factor of critical hit chance? Tarbo is the only one with a 40% chance. Is it really worth it to bench her despite this?

When you see gorgo hit for numbers too high to count you will feel tingly.

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Looks pretty high for only 3100 in sorna?

My team and i sit on 3400 +/-. ( dont look at lvl16 rexy i missclicked that lvl up :sob:)

You should get rid of ourano and get gorgo in.
Gorgo is a beast !!! Maybe (if you dont want megalosuchus) lvl it up.

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Well I did get as high as 3250-ish but sometimes I mess up in battles and get knocked back down. I’ve been fluctuating up and down more often recently so I was thinking maybe it was my team that needs adjustment .

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May i ask you what your dino plans are?
Witch one comes next in your must have list?

Perhaps go get sino this weekend and creat allosino?

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The 40% crit is really nice but it’s more of an added bonus in my opinion, it’s not always reliable enough. Gorgo has a fairly high crit chance as well and when he crits the angels cry.


Works 100% of the time 40% of the time :slight_smile:


I do get nervous when I see over leveled tank busters … and they seem to be getting more common as well.

Relatively cheap. Easy DNA to find …

And once you’re higher up… it saves coins for more expensive hybrids. Not a bad strategy IMO

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Honestly I don’t have a #1 must have on any list at the moment. It used to be stegoceratops and stegodeus and then Indominus Rex but I eventually got them. Im kind of a hoarder so I collect anything that falls within my radar lol. I just like collecting. Right now maybe paramoloch or pyrittator or utahsinoraptor or monostego mostly because I think they look cool haha

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Up and add them