Need team advice

This is my current team and other uniques I have unlocked. Am currently in the library, but spend most of the time in the aviary. What should I do with my team to keep in the library?

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Keeping a team in the library is hard, even with bigger dinos than you have. I am impressed that you are in the library with your team, so I would think the best thing to do is to keep building on what you have, but if you can, focus on the best dinos to raid with. On your team currently that would be Phoru, Scorp3, Rhino, CompC - these dinos you cannot go wrong with in the current meta. There are a few top players who use hadros, and boosted correctly she’s a great dino to use. If you can start building up other dinos, I would work on Skoona (if you have), Testa, Spinocon, Grypo. If you can unlock, IndoT is wonderful. However, as far as what you have available to you atm, I think you are doing well and your team looks good.

Yeah I have no idea how I am in the library. I am actually working to unlock skoona.

Probably there because you know how to play well :slight_smile: Game is more than just having the best boosted dinos.

Yeah true that. Phourex has really helped with its stunning obstruction. In some battles it allows me to get a 2-1 or 2-0 lead if I swap it in at the right time

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My opinion is you scorpius is under leveled compared to the rest of tou team so my advice would be to take out scorpius for tenontorex,dracocerato or tryko since they have a higher level advantage :wink:
But in the end,it’s up to you…
I don’t even have a unique so my opinion might not be right…

That’s a… pretty… bad idea for the OP’s team. Tryko is pretty pathetic now because of Scorpius 3, Tenrex is mostly for raids now, and Phorex is better than Dracocerato anyway.

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I meant till he gets his scorpius to a higher level since it’s under leveled compared to the rest of his team…

Scorpius is essential on any team now pretty much. It’s so versatile and is good even unboosted… I would definitely leave SR3 on that team. I’m also very surprised you’re in the library. I have a team practically full of 30s and I get smacked around in the library pretty good most times, so even being in the library is pretty impressive. Your team is pretty solid overall, though. I wouldn’t change much at this point. If i’m having trouble with certain dinos like fierce or cunning, I know it’s maybe time to switch it up for a counter to those. SpinoCon is the only dino I see that may be temping to put on your team simply because it will kill anything without bleed resistance pretty quickly but idk, your team is fine

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My scorp may be at a low level compared to the rest of my team but it holds it’s own. It has helped me so many times. It is also boosted.