Need team help

Ok so my team is currently in a stalemate as I’m awaiting the arrival of a few new uniques to replace things (Tuoramoloch for Paramolcoh, etc). However, I have my Purrutaurus. I’ve boosted her but now Carnotarkus has been released. I don’t know if I want to switch her out for her Super Hybrid because I know the 20% Armour and attack boost is nice, but the loss of cleansing strike concerns me. Anyone know if this greatly detracts from Carnotarkus’s performance or if it’s no big deal?

Well first, what’s your whole team. If your running a whole lot of immunes then missing cleansing strike won’t mean a lot. I’m planning on using Carnotarkus instead of Purataurus despite the fact it can’t cleanse. The armour comes in useful and it has a slight bit more attack than Pura, due to it being nerfed. But maybe seeing your team could help a bit

Paramolcoh is being replaced with Tuoramoloch and Spinotasuchus will probably go for Erlikospyx at some point. Apart from that, this is what I got

Just got to say that that’s a very good team. Definitely unlock Carnotarkus and try and level it. Don’t use it immediately as your Pura is a higher level and probably quite boosted. Looking at your team, that small bit of armour Tarkus has might come in useful as Monostego is the only creature on your team that has armour. Indom can cleanse and Erli is immune. Para/Turo is wounded will just swap out. Try Tarkus as I think it will work quite well with your team, but I don’t know your play style, so if it doesnt work out carry on using Pura