Need tenontosaurus please ludia πŸ˜€

Hi ludia :slightly_smiling_face: is there any chance you can spawn Tenontosaurus, I only need a few I’m desperate please :grinning:

Go to parks :slight_smile: they’re spawning quite frequently now

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I never see them at parks. I never see them anywhere. I think in the past month i’ve seen 1.

Pop a rare scent in a park at daytime. And move 60 meters within every two minutes. Easy 3-6 tenonto.

Maybe it’s gonna swap with trice for daily spawn with 1.8 anyway.

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Go to Alaska with @MattPlays lol

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Yup I found loads. Was able to get a tenontorex level 21 up to 70/150 level 22

There are no parks in the map where I live so welp, I just wait for events cause I never see park spawns