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Need these creatures

We need a second chance to get these creatures Hyneria and Leedsichthys. Sadly I wasn’t able to get these creatures and many other players probably didn’t these creatures as well.

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These dinos will have unlock events come around sometime in the future. Unfortunately I can’t say when, and I don’t know if they are in the “out of rotation unlock” order.


Ok thank you for the information but I hope we can unlock them soon because this game will have new players and those new players need a chance to get them.

Ludia literally doesn’t care. They want some dinos to be extremely hard to get and people to spend money on them.
There are so many locked dinos with no unlock event of any sort. Some of them have hybrids and even super hybrids. They’re still locked .

Leedsichthys only ever had one unlock event which was last year.

Post shuffle player here, and I can confirm that these caves have unlock opportunities…

Just baculites and rhizodous that are forever lockeds.


Oh well my are still lock so hopefully this year ludia will unlock them

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Hyneria had an unlock opportunity quite recently but it’s been a while for leeds

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I would like a troodon unlock so I make the yudon hybrid

@Donald_Fisher this week there is a Leedsichtys unlock on Thursday if you are level 60+

That’s great I will be able to unlock then and sorry to bother you but what about Hyneria?

That one I don’t know. I just look at this week schedule that gets posted on JW;TG social media and some users post it here on the forums.

Yea the leedsichthys or whatever it is is going to be unlocked

Gotcha well I’m sure it will come soon thank you for telling me.

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Hyneria has been offered 3 times. The first time was in March 2020, then November 2020, and most recently in May of 2021. Based on this, it will be several months until its next unlock opportunity.

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That’s great news now I just need Hyneria. Also thank you for telling me

I understand that this would be on me but I was very busy with college things so I wouldn’t have time to look

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Plus I’m sure if they unlock it this frequently they’ll probably do it again this year

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