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Need to change the dinosaurs in an area more often

It would be nice to see in our area more than just one or two dinosaurs every single day. Please change the variety of areas that the dinosaurs are in more often. I’m sure there’s others that have the same thing by them. Someone has one kind of dinosaur only by them and then someone else has a different type by them Non-Stop. Please change how often certain dinosaurs are in certain areas for how long they’re there. It seems that you have a rotation just do the rotation more often please. I have personally noticed rotations but they’re not as often as they should be I hope others out there feel the same.


What, you don’t like to see the same thing over and over and over again?

(And yes please change things up more frequently)


I think every three months the habitat zones should shift along one. 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3… and so forth.

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I don’t want to be 3 months in zone 3 & 4 with the actually spawnmechanic


At least adding more variety to the common spawns would be handy.

I often only see what I posted above, with the odd spattering of a Lythronax, Dracorex Gen 2, and very rarely Irritator pop up. Variety would be a massively welcome change.

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This they need to fix and balance the locals… if i lived and worked in a l3 i would have probaly stopped playing months ago… playing hot potato with a crap spawn system. Isnt a real fix.


A month of seeing manjugasaurus is enough. They could change it every two weeks they could also give us more than one shot at legendaries that fly those are harder to do than any of the others it’s just Insanity here here’s one shot at this pterosaur and you’ll get like 20 to 40 DNA but we won’t let you get another chance at it that should be a 5 chance and minimum they need to balance this game better there’s some of us out here that pay to play this game they’re making money on it so there’s no reason that they cannot do certain things like change zones more often give more chances at dinosaurs it’s very frustrating it’s like they want us not to play

I think they need to change it like every two weeks cuz it gets ridiculous the only DNA I have is useless

And like the legendary that’s out there today we get one time to go after it are you kidding me one chance at it that’s like a big boot to the face they’re making plenty of money on it I paid a play sometimes and I used to be on that VIP thing to end give your longer battery life and longer extension from where you are well it doesn’t matter if they purposely put everything past that sorry I’m talking to my phone so I might be some mistakes

They want you to buy incubators and scents… most of the top players stated in a thread a while back that they didnt buy incubators and mostly just purchased coins and a few scents. Fast forward to 1.5 and you can easily see the changes to the spawn mechanics were done as a way to increase revenue.

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My daughter and I are both disabled and can’t go walking around to get the dinosaurs and I asked them to please put a stop nearer to us they said they couldn’t do it but they can put them at the grade schools and the high schools as well as middle schools I just laughed so they’re making me pay to play they actually said to me as far as we’re concerned this topic is finished and I play this game with my daughter and my grandson don’t get me wrong I’m a Jurassic Park fan totally all the way but if you’re going to treat me like #$#& eventually I’m going to get sick of playing the game and bash the heck out of it. pretty soon there three star is going to go to a 1-star rating for me because of all the stuff that they haven’t fixed the alliances don’t work properly it’ll show me stuff from the day before it takes forever to wake it up and today I gave DNA to someone it took 20 minutes for it to show up that I actually gave them DNA and it’s not my internet connection or my phone I’ve checked both

If it weren’t for me playing with my grandson and having him look forward to the new dinosaurs which he can pronounce all of them I would have quit this game a long time ago and stop forking out money to them

I originally played this game as something to do with my kids… they lost all intrest once 1.5 hit. Its just the same one dino everywhere is what they would say when i asked them if they wanted to play… now i basicly am the only one who really plays and if things dont change by 1.6 i will be calling it a day with this game.

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They want us to buy those STUPID incubators but really who is buying this trash? If the spawns would be much better they would make more money on selling coins

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people with disabilities like my daughter and I have no choice but to pay for the game to play I brought it up to them several times and they told me as far as they’re concerned the topic is closed which makes me laugh because they said they can’t chose where you can battle and you can get your coins and stuff for the day. but they certainly have no problem putting them up like my son’s high school he can sit and play in class the grade :school: the middle :school:. I even offered them proof of disability offered them the proof that we are disabled so we weren’t taking advantage of the system and they didn’t want it they didn’t care and it would break my grandson’s heart if I didn’t play this game with my daughter because he looks forward to battles on our phones with new dinosaurs.

I also noticed that no dinosaurs+strike events+supply drops are ever placed/spawned at schools. It’s really annoying but I believe this is in effect because no school would want random strangers showing up on school premises with their phones cause it looks extremely suspicious. There are many instances where JWA players have had the police called on them cause they were darting dinosaurs on private property!

That’s what I mean the kids instead of doing school work and paying attention to school can get drops etc all day. No one should have to wander around schools to hit drops but they designed it so they would be at schools…

I see little more than majungasaurus, diplocaulus and einiosaurus in the 3 local zones near me.

Oh, and parks are EMPTY.

It got old weeks ago.

I have all the time

Today I looked outside and yesterday I looked outside they have the green markers for specialty sections and guess what’s in a manjugasaurus as usual the same dinosaur that’s in my area already for last few weeks…