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Need to come clean on tuora


I worry that Ive been giving bad advice here. Tuora is not bad.

But tuora is not good either.

I use it out of stubborn hope. Kind of like how I insisted on using spinotasuchus in 1.3.

Dont get me wrong. Its fantastic vs spino, and spino is a common starter. Its very good against indo actually too, also a common starter.

But there are better options.

Dont be like me :joy:


I’m with you. I’d really like to see a buff to tuojiangosaurus line hybrids. Two patches before the sino hybrids were not good either, but they got a very much needed buff and became very good. Both dioraja and tuoramolch look cool, but they need something to help them survive in the battlefield, don’t need to be as OP as trykosaurus, just need to be more meta relevant.


its good at higher levels. i also have it at lvl 23 and its quite not there yet but ive seen it at 27 and up perform quite well. im with you though these uniques should be good out the box…


Dioraja and Tuora are the only uniques I have in addition to Indo (because Tuo spawns in L3) and I really wanted to use them, but went back to Pyrritator each time. But like pp I hope they will get buffed.


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How do you use Pyrritator, mine gets one shotted so often…


Hasn’t it always been bad!? I got one recently and was loosing hundreds of trophies trying to use it swapped back to old legendary choice started winning again they are like bad meta wise or something!? Should have known that huge amount of styg DNA that blocks us from getting useful epic DNA in arena is essentially useless despite having unique hybrid


I also am a tuora fan. I can level it to 24, but looking at its stats, even at 24 they are lower compared to my lv22 monostego’s, which i’m using it now for that spot (slower/stunner, thinking also to start to work again on stegocera😅).
Aside from speed, mono has more survivability (due to armor), higher damage and higher crit chance being 2 level under.
I join you in the hope for a tuora buff or overhaul, expecially a damage buff, or a moveset improvement (a return to a rampage move would not be bad😅).
Speaking of dioraja, i think it deserves a buff in terms of survivability (more hp would be ok to me)

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I don’t think you’ve been giving wrong advice… I have benched mine after a week of obtaining it, even though it is only my second unique… It’s a lot worse than most legendaries!

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Toura needs a damage increase and the counter attack needs removed. Counter attacks dont fit its style of play. Stuns/swap out attacks dont leave alot of room for counter attacks.