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Need to make room for Dilo

Not sure who to bench. Looking for suggestions. Im thinking maybe spino, or raja?

Honestly, I don’t know if I would. My team is very close to yours (I go Trag over Raj) and whenever I put him in, it’s a struggle unless used very wisely. He’s just too vulnerable (a hair to slow and not immune) and HP’s aren’t great. By all means sub him in for Py/Irex/Spin but I found him lacking since the nerf.

I’ll choose Spino, or Pyrri.
Both are 129 spd, if you mean Diloracheri, it got also 129 spd, which means they got some similar niche.

Meant this guy, sorry for the confusion :slight_smile: i cant spell it so i didn’t try;

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Ended up with this, think its working well:

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