Need to make room soon, thoughts?

Im thinking indom.


I would say indom. As soon as I get more uniques I plan on replacing mine as well. Otherwise Rajakylosaurus only cause his level but I think he’s more useful then indom


I’d cut Indom, as well

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Indominus definitely!


Indoraptor definitely, that noob can’t even take on tany :yum:


Indom 1010

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I would take out the indominus because three of your dinos will have move for swapping. So, the indominus can be taken out in two moves before it does anything (the raja will at least do some damage with counter).

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Wow, how much money have you spent in this game?

Indom for sure

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Thanks all, will do!

How much have I spent? Too much. Especially on gas.


First rodeo:

Didn’t stun lol

Thats ok though, neither did he

You’ll fit right in, welcome to the team!

So I have to share -

My 9 year old comes up to me and we have this convo:

Him: Dad, can I play your phone? I want to try utarinex.

Me: Sure, but give it back after ok?

Him: ok

Comes back a few minutes later and shows me this:

Him: Dad I won!

Me: What? How?

Him (and ill quote, youll notice we named dinos ourselves lol):

Utarinex did all the work. I hit his indoraptor through evasive stance twice and killed it and didnt lose any health. I hit his monomimus through evasive stance with impact and run, and killed it with my monomimus. Then mine died. Then he used early indominus and i hit him for a fat hit, but he hit me for a fat hit too, i instant charged and i won!

Yeah, Im liking utarinex lol.


In decent level he good. Bump him up to where he can cause formidable destruction and run with enough health pool for a second blow. That’s how he steals the show.

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Yeah, i think im giving up on tryko. 15 on sino for me this weekend.

Sino is spawning wild around me all this time, so I am gonna dart some anky to raise my tryko instead. Who knows if tryko will get SIA DS strike in 1.5 or not? But all I beg for is the sino spawn rate is not going to drop drastically after this week’s event. That’d be a hard troll😂

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Hopefully i can nab Utarinex this weekend. Just need to find as many Sinocera as possible…

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Best of luck!!

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Don’t judge people for spending money on rings they enjoy, mate. If they have the ability to do so without it hurting them, we should be happy for them.


Well said. Thank you :slight_smile:

To add some humor to the thread - please buff utarinex, far too weak…

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