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Need to merge?

Hey there, my alliance is struggeling to get better… we are just 13 players and only like 4 are playing. If you want to try a merge pls let me know.

I might be able to make 4 spots for you. I have 4 that I assume may have quit. Talk it over with your peeps and I’ll wait for a reply from my 4

that sounds great

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I’ll keep you posted but I’ll try to hurry

i hope the others will write back too, i know for sure that 1 is coming with me cauz hes my father xD the others i will need to wait until tomorrow maybe. my in game name is Teequee #1369 and the one from my father is Dinospeed #2209 if you want to add us.

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Did you sort out a merge? If ymnot your welcome to come to ours. I started it a week and half ago now doe the 7 of us the were active as our leader disappeared. We are now 14 and we are very active. But need more people to do daily battle incubators. It holds us back.
We are 123 check out my horns

Hallo. I still posted yesterday, that two friends of mine and me built an own Alliance, because we wouldn’t accept longer, that we 3 have done the whole work and the other ‘friends’ in that Alliance got the same whole bonus like we but without helping anyway. Now we are only 3 persons in our Alliance, but we are more than only motivated, spend a lot of time in the game and get better results than in the alliance before - with 50 persons.
But we still now that 3 persons are too less, to check more levels than yet. So we are looking for same motivated gamers like we are. Only one example: I play this game about 1 1/2 months: yesterday I reached level 13, fighting area 5 and my dinos you can see in my profile :slight_smile:
Now I wanted to ask if you are interessted to come together in one alliance? There would be only one topic: our alliance name based on the name of my son (Fabian; by the way one of the heroes in that alliance :slight_smile: ). So it would be very thankfull if we could make the new alliance in our… of course only if you are interessted!
I would be very glade in case of any answers :slight_smile:

Dilligaff has 5 spots open (could be 7) if any of you are interested. We have a fully functioning Discord, hit 4/4-5/4 and aim for 5/5. Have a good sanctuary strategy, donate generously to those on Discord posting their DBI’s done, do our DBI’s daily and if necessary even hold mission rewards or incubators to level up. Just holler :wink:

Hey do you see the post from Gerdschi? What would you think of merge 3 together?

Would be cool if we could merge 3 together. I dont mind to go to your alliance

HEY, great! Sounds cool and would be a win - win - situation!! You are more than welcome!

Teequee #1369 is my name and Dinospeed #2209 is from my Father if you want to send a friend request