Need to recruit more alliance members

We have a great group of 10 friendly players and, as the hubby started the alliance, I feel I should reach out on here to hopefully get more to join. We all have over 3000 trophies and trading is happening everyday. I’m a level 20 with over 4500 trophies and have so much excess it seems a shame to not be able to help others. TheGreatLakers is based out of Minnesota, USA and we need you.


Free bump.

Good luck, with your guild. :slight_smile:

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Minnesota nice is actually a thing here :blush:

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Alliances sure added drama… these are the days of our jwa lives :slightly_smiling_face:

We are up to 13 and really hope to add more :blush: one member thanked the group and said it’s nice to have an alliance where everyone gives :grin: I feel blessed all has worked out as well as it has.

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I can confirm - I joined the alliance TheGreatLakers last week, and the members here are solid. Nearly all members are quick to donate.

If you are in an alliance that only requests and doesn’t donate, consider coming over.

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Well we lost one member due to request timing I believe. I’m wondering if anyone has found a way to prevent that. Requests at night won’t be seen by as many as daytime requests will. Unfortunately the member we lost thought he was being treated unfair. I realize time zones play a huge role as well. Thoughts?