Need tutorial/help for JWA

I am a JWTG player and am starting with JWA. My son and are just darting dinos and then just kind of flailing when it comes to battles and also other aspects of the game.

I am a bit lost on a few aspects, but wanted to ask a few things about battles. What exactly happens when a dino is “vulnerable”? Does this mean that the opponent’s damage is increased? And under what circumstances does a dino become vulnerable?

What is Taunt? I read that “Taunt Abilities draw all enemy attacks to the user.” But I don’t understand what that sentence means. I mean, its just one dino vs another dino so aren’t all the opponents attacks already directed at the user. I am clearly missing something nhere.

Is there are tutorial about how all these attacks and shields etc interact? I have looked online and have found some good info for other questions on this forum, but hoping someone can direct me to the some good resources.

Any help would be appreciated.

When a Dino is vulnerable your opponent can do 50% more damage and if your Dino is immune or resistant to vulnerability that 50% is reduced

Taunt is only for raids, like you said it draws all enemy attacks to whoever is using taunt except group attacks, if the boss/minion is using a group attack the taunt won’t have any effect

  • Shield: if you shield u will take 50% less damage or if u are invincible the opponent can’t do anything except if the opponent has something that can break shields

  • Rally heal: this heals you but unlike heal that depends on your attack Rally heal depends on your health if you have more health you will heal more

  • Alert: alert abilities is if your hp is a certain percentage your alert abilitiy will change what it will do some change 1.5 dmg to 2.0 dmg and some heal, have priority, etc

  • revenge: revenge is kinda like alert just that when one of your creatures get knocked out you can put the creature that has revenge and do more damage, heal, have priority, etc

That’s all and if you want a bit more information you can check the JWA toolbox (search JWA toolbox it should come up)

Anyone can correct me if I said anything wrong lol


A creature only becomes vulnerable if the opponent uses an ability that imposes that effect. You can check the JWA Field Guide app or JWA Toolbox and search for all the moves that apply vulnerability and many other helpful information.

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Rally Heal is just for flocks and is their only way of healing past the division bar, since normal healing abilities will only heal one flock instead of multiple of them.

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Ahh I knew something must be wrong, thanks

This is very helpful, thank you. I did not know there was a “toolbox” so I will definitely check that out. Your explanations are much appreciated!

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Ahh, okay, thank you for clarifying!