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Need very active alliance for my husband and I


We play everyday and donate if we can


If you are active players, get daily battle incubator and can join us on discord, Raptor hunters would love to have you both. You can send me your info on discord to cakemom13#2854


Join Xtinct :slight_smile: two spots open. All 100% active and rank 4 for incubators


I would but you only have 1 open spot. I need 2 for my husband and I


if you get 2 openings let me know. thank you


We got rank 5 for Exploration and 3 for defense


If you still havent found one. And you are active daily then we have a spot open for you and your husband. We are Internationaldinos and achieve rank 4 defense and rank 4/5 on exploration. We get rank 5 when we dont get the rare dna mission but when we get it rank 4 now.


If you are still looking out for an alliance, the Rampaging Birds will take you!
We are still a growing alliance, still, the members already in have the goal of being on a competitive spot and we are very active too. We will gladly take you.


RampagingBirds without space. Sorry for that incovenience. And have a nice day!